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Posted by eggstaff on: 12:11 AM, 03/20/16
I was lurking though the boards and remembered a site I stumbled across the web years and years ago, and its still up. I recommend using a computer for this page and turning the volume up. Its still got that geocities feel too. Its not really creepy in the traditional sense, but the videos on this page still make my skin crawl.

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Posted by EmperorWu on: 09:35 AM, 03/20/16
Well that was creepy. Do not turn your volume all the way up. Jeez. Have you explored it deeply? I'm hesitant to find out what's on it. That's the kind of site a serial killer makes.  :-\

Posted by Zathoth on: 07:49 PM, 03/20/16
That front page was too creepy for me XD No way Im going deeper.

Posted by TheRussianGunman23 on: 01:09 AM, 04/ 8/16
Refersales god....refersales...


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Posted by Zathoth on: 05:29 PM, 04/ 8/16
I looked this up. Apparently it is absurd internet comedy put together by some guy about a badly damaged model who re made herself using mannequin parts.

Which doesnt make it any less terrifying.