06:57:34 PM 06/04/18 by DoviDoes
Salutations my fellow Cat Coveters, Feline Fanciers, and Pussy Protectors. As you can see, I'm a longtime lurker, first-time poster. This is the board for judgment-free venting, right? Great. Because I've just gotta say it.

My cat is pissing me off.

I know, I know. Mind your whiskers and, more importantly, the rules. And maybe, if you're still reading, hear me out.

Cat's name is Renegade Sam. Never met a neutered cat that was so horny. My first cat Ripley is way into it. Beautiful couple, should post pics soon.

The Gader wasn't originally mine. Bought him as a kitten for my Grandpa Chip after grandma died. Grandpa wasn't old enough for a Home yet and we all know what great company cats are.

Now, 10 years later, they've both moved in with me. Got them all ...

01:11:41 AM 05/26/18 by KingMob
               The Right Thing
                       A Story by King Mob

   I need to tell you a story that I'd rather not. I don't have anyone to really turn to with this kind of thing, and now I'm relying on the kindness of an anonymous community of strangers to unload this burden on. It all begins about a year ago, during what would best be left an unspoken chapter of my life. My Grandmother, whom I lived with as a full time caretaker had just passed away, and I was forced back out into the wide world, penniless, friendless, and jobless to try and fend for myself. Desperate for something to cling on to, I flooded every business in town I could think of with a stream of job applications. Day after day I'd visit each store I applied to, requesting to speak to a manager to discuss my prospects of working. ...

01:50:50 AM 03/31/18 by Wolfman Lou
At the age of twenty two, I had finally saved up enough money from working to put down a security deposit and rent an extra month in advance on a house. It wasn't anything fancy, as anyone's first house is. A simple, single-level three bed, one bath. Hell, I didn't even really need the extra bedrooms, but it was nice to have sort of an office space and a spare room for storage. It even had a basement which, like most suburban homes, was where the washing machine and dryer were kept.

The idea of having a place of your own is a bit of a double-edged sword. There is the freedom to do whatever you please, but then, living alone as I did, all the responsibilities fall to one person, not to mention the occasional pangs of loneliness. I didn't have many friends, and the ones I did, I didn't see often. It ...

04:28:29 PM 02/26/18 by NuclearCorpus
There are always those kinds of videos online and they can never be erased from your memory. The webpage could 404, the upload could delete the video or hell, the police could even get involved but that video is permanently in your mind forever and it is never going to leave it. Everyone has one video stuck in their minds and every generation with the internet will have a video like that. There is Two Girls, One Cup, there is Two Guys, One Horse, and there is even the infamous spankwire video but those are all the famous ones. Those are the kind that trend and everyone has seen at least a few times but there are always a few that slip through the cracks and that only a few people have seen. These can be harmless to downright awful and, back when billing per month was unheard of, I found my video and gladly...

02:41:07 AM 02/26/18 by galaxy_boi_kota
Before I could make sense of the actions, I was swept away in a sea of passion.  Hot breath on my neck, butterfly kisses trapping up my law until her lips met mine.  We held that kiss for what felt like an eternity before she nibbled on my lower lip, wordlessly asking to take this further.  I opened my mouth slightly, allowing a more heated kiss to begin.  Near instantly we were exploring each other’s mouths, hands groping and caressing seemingly with minds of their own.  The couch became a void in which it was only her and I. 

Suddenly, our eternal make-out session was made mortal by the shrill noise.  My old, landline phone ringing.  The pitch seemed different, but it could have been just me.  The high-pitched ringing one gets in their ears during intense moments could be mixing with the electro...

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