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Spiders were something I was never afraid of. Even as a kid they never phased me. Same with most Creepy Crawlies. If anything I loved bugs then. Still do now.

It's hard to say where that love came from. Might have been from cartoons.

Though I don't blame you if you hate them. Arachnophobia might be one of the most common phobias in the world. My town might have the biggest case of Arachno...
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"Exterminator", The strange man said. Standing outside my apartment.

"I didn't call for one", I said. "Well if no one called one then why am I here?", The man said in his dry raspy voice.

He wore a grey jumpsuit with a black leather apron with rubber gloves and boots to match. The apron had "Buzz Off!" Written on it. Most notable was his mask. He wore a strange red ant gas mask.  I couldn't see ...
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I'm not a very social individual. I barely ever go outside. I've just never been a fan of people.

I like to keep to myself and keep everything around me nice and clean. Because of that, I don't usually get sick from any contagion. 

It must have happened overnight. I don't know how else it could've happened.

I woke up and was in the middle of my morning routine when I noticed somethi...
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Wrong Call
Posted by Fly-Rin.
As a computer support tech, I dislike having to make phone calls. The dread of having to talk to a voice that you can’t put a face to is a terrifying notion to me. This attitude may just be left over from many years of retail work. Having to talk with people face to face makes it easier to read the situation.

Seeing people makes things easier to tell which customers will be a pleasant start or customers t...
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“Don’t go into the cornfields at night.”

That’s what my parents told my siblings and I as we were growing up.

It was just one of the common rules we learned, like “Don’t take candy from strangers” or “Don’t wear loose clothing around an auger”. Wasn’t just our family either. That is what all the kids in my small town were told at an early age. Made sense due to the multitude of farms surrounding...
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Wicker branches cut into Andrea’s soft flesh as she ran through the dense forest foliage. Her flashlight bobbed up and down as she sprinted through the woods. Andrea ripped her revolver from the holster in one swift motion and fired three rounds at the creature chasing her. The only discernible features of the beast were its dozens of luminescent cyan eyes. Its clicking and clacking filled the woods. Andrea hurdled o...

Nick stood outside of Shannahan's, smoking a cigarette. The cruel winter air stung his eyes and froze his face.

   Ring Ring.

   "What's up, sweety?" Nick asked.

   "Hey, babe, I'm sorry to bother you, but there's brown water pouring out of the sink, and there's a large wet spot in the ceiling that's dripping water,"

   "I'll call the landlo...

When I was younger, I partied a lot. My college classes were not a priority; I didn’t even wanna be in school. I just went so my parents wouldn’t think I was a disappointment. My life was a flurry of alcohol, drugs, and the occasional one-night stand. One night I lost a part of myself I can never get back.

My friends Lewis, Gage, and I were driving around. Sitting in the back of Lewis’ mini van, I tried m...


      So, if you're like me and grew up in the Nineties and cable, I don't need to ask you if you remember the Rugrats. The third show on Nickelodeon alongside Doug and Ren and Stimpy, it was their cash cow until a certain yellow sponge would go on to usurp the title years later. We all know about the Rugrats, and it's less successful spin-off, All Grown Up, and it's even less successful spin off Pr...
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I’m sitting in my bathroom, staring at the tip of the knife I plan to stab myself with. Don’t get confused, this is not a suicide attempt. No, this is something much crazier.

I need to remove my left eye.

I don’t really know what happened to make me reach this point or why exactly I have come to this conclusion, all I know is that everything will be fixed once I get rid of my left eye. I’m prett...

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