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Bad, early writing.  Saved here from the CP Wikia CC-BY-SA requirements.

During the Cold War, the American military initiated a department known as Strategic Air Command, or SAC.  SAC’s role was command and control of strategic nuclear strike forces and reconnaissance of both remote and airborne varieties.  While many bases were set up during the early stages of the “Red Threat” under SAC, many have been repurposed or decommissioned.  One such base located in Marquette, Michigan was closed on September 30, 1995.

K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base, as it was known, in compliance with closure procedures, also declassified certain documents to the public regarding their operations during the Cold War.  Full disclosure, what I have leaked from these reports is still very much classified.  I c...

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Bad, early writing.  Saved from CP Wikia's CC-BY-SA requirements.

The repetitive bass pulsated from inside the club. Somewhat muted, it provides a fitting backdrop for the business to come in this back alley I call “The Bazaar.” Very few people enter The Bazaar, as very few know of it. Only one item is peddled here. My item. “Relief”. Before you ask, I’m not selling heroin or meth. Those drugs harm people; they promise euphoria and ultimately deliver pain and suffering. I don’t sell prescription drugs either, those pills destroy more people than illegal substances, believe it or not. No, what I sell can’t be found in a pharmacy or on a street corner. I deal in an absolute. I disburse a release.

You might be questioning why I deal in an alley behind a club if my product is so revol...

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Early writing.  Saved from the CP Wikia CC-BY-SA requirements.

Natalie Lin, City Building Inspector

Report: Inspection of two-story office building on Fourth Avenue and Ivy Street. Condemned for health risks of former business occupants.

Transcript of phone call with Craig Trevors, Human Resources:

[phone ringing]

Craig: Hello?

Natalie: Hi, Mr. Trevors, this is Natalie from the City Health and Human Services Department, Building Division. I’m calling in regards to our 4:00 PM appointment.

Craig: Oh yes, Natalie. Hi.
Natalie: Is this is a good time to go over what happened?

Craig: Sure, just let me sit down and gather my notes… Okay go ahead.

Natalie: So tell me what business you were running at the l...

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Terrible, early poetry.  Saved here to avoid the CP Wikia CC-BY-SA requirements.

What does she see with her emerald eyes?
What causes her tail to twitch and ears to prick?
What resides outside emitting obscure sounds?
Things to be heard but never found.

What does her kind sense that ours cannot?
Are they whispers of angels or demons’ thoughts?
Or is it more simple such as a rat or fox?
Or is it more sinister? I hope not.

I hope her paranoia is unfounded.
I hope her fears are not grounded.
When she alights on my window, I pray it’s for naught.
Because I see nothing, but she sees a lot.

She escaped once, hunting before dawn.
Whatever was lurking would soon be gone.
But she met her match out there in the mis...

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Terrible, early poetry.  Saved here to avoid the CP Wikia CC-BY-SA requirements.

Sound is something we fear, especially when unexplained.
When it comes from the unreachable light, who bears night’s stain.
When it is the shuffling outside, of an anonymous stalker.
Or the rustling by the window, of a terrible prowler.

It comes from the closet, a voice haunting and booming.
It comes from under the bed, eerie and looming.
From down the hall which echoes with fright.
Even from the attic, malice obscured from sight.

It’s the breath on your neck that’s never really there.
It’s the voices in your head raising your hair.
Hiding beneath the sheets won’t block out the sound.
You have no choice but to submit, for you will surely be found...