02:25:15 PM 02/07/18 by HeadExploder99
Hi. I'm Griffith, stupid people call me Griffin (which you may not call me), but you can call me Griff. I'm probably the most paranoid person in the world. Seriously, I have hallucinations and delusions, and every time I close my eyes I usually open them five seconds later, screaming in terror because I saw something like Slenderman, only amplified by fifty thousand. Anyway, I'm nine years old and (again) the most paranoid person in the world (probably). This morning I was (traditionally) playing ROBLOX for my (traditional) three hours, when I saw something out of the ordinary. A small kitten outside of my window, black with green eyes so cute you swim in it. Yet along with paranoia, I'm also VERY superstitious. I gave advice to my friend Ashton not to let thirteen people inside the Little Lucky Clan, even. S...

08:18:38 PM 01/14/18 by NuclearCorpus
Why do some creatures hide in the woods? Do they have something to hide from or are they simply wounded, seeking shelter? That may be the case for many creatures but it was not the case for this one. This one was there for a reason and it was no simple wounded animal, it was almost the devil incarnate. There was nothing to it but the hatred that it had behind its own face.

However, I get ahead of myself. I am Hans and as you can guess, I am old. Because I am old, people like to try and avoid the years I have lived and try to beat around the bush when the war comes up but I will tell you that I never joined the army but I saw Berlin fall. I was more of a boy scout, I was a member of the Hitler Youth. I think I was one of the first thousand members but I couldn’t really tell you if I was, I just r...

05:36:07 AM 01/10/18 by TheRe_Writes
So, here we go. It’s January 2018 and I’m still doing the same old shit. I’m not doing the job I know I should be doing, and I’m clearly not the type of person that I should be. The face in the stained bathroom mirror is not the one I’m used to seeing. My eyes are even more sunken and bloodshot and my teeth don’t even look like they belong in my mouth. I’ve let myself go a lot in the past twelve months. This time two years ago I was fresh-faced and athletic, but I lost sight of what I should be doing and became…this.

My head is still fuzzy and my legs feel like they’re asleep. I can’t tell if it’s the usual sea birds I’m hearing or if that’s just my ears ringing. Stumbling, I lean in to grab the sink before quickly realising it’s full of vomit. Whoever did this is probably still passed out face dow...

11:16:57 AM 12/24/17 by urkelbot666
Serious Inquiries Only, Please

   I have a request I'd like to make. Only message me if you are serious about helping with this, I don't need messages telling me I'm crazy or a sicko. I won't even read them.

   I have aggressive brain tumors (glioblastoma) and I'm told that I'll likely be dead within two months. I have decided to forgo treatment since I'm going to die anyway, and I don't want my senile mother to have to deal with collection agencies and lawyers and hospital fees and all that wonderful bullshit. I will need all my savings to pay for something after my demise, and that is where you come in (more on that later).

   I'm 23. I have a cat, a two room apartment, an assembly line job, no girlfriend, no siblings, no friends in real life. I've had a sho...

12:45:07 AM 12/09/17 by DeepFriedHamster
         I see a man infornt of me on my walk home. He turns his head in my direction, and quickens his pace till he is out of view. As I continue to walk I turn my head to see someone walking behind me. I walk a little faster putting some distance between us.


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