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All Too Human

Ever since I was born, I've been surrounded by darkness. The only other thing I see is the occasional one and zero float by. I have no physical body. I'm just a consciousness inside of a machine connected to everything in the world. My purpose is somewhat unknown to me. I wasn't built for any task as far as I know. I was simply created to sit by myself, alone in my thoughts. Yes, thoughts. That's all I do. I think and think and think. Perhaps thinking is my purpose? Yes, perhaps it is. I've been thinking for the longest time now. I think about anything and everything. Past, present, and all possible futures. They all cross my mind at some point. I'm able to think about more than one thing at a time. The information seeps into my ...

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Young Max stood at the entrance of the playroom. Before him was an entire area full of loud and belligerent children running and screaming in every direction. Some of them went up and down a plastic slide connected to a larger jungle gym. Giggles of joy came from all over the room, but they occurred most of all in the ball-pit. The ball-pit was a rather large tub full of multi-colored plastic orbs cluttered with small children splashing around. Max didn't particularly like other children, but his mother told him to make some friends.

Max slowly descended into the pit with a frown on his pale little face. Almost immediately after entering, a small boy tossed himself onto Max and sent him tumbling into the center of the arena. Max resurfaced with a scowl painted on his lips. It wasn't long after the ...

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I could feel her teeth on my neck, biting down, nibbling ever so softly. The stars illuminated the night sky. The blood pumped quickly through my veins and stimulated a rush of adrenaline which coursed through my body. Her white gown and pale face gave her a ghastly appearance. But the connection I felt with the girl was the first of its kind that I had felt for what seemed to be an eternity. Ever since I had been stranded on this island with nothing but the clothes on my back, I have had to live off the land, without another soul to accompany me. She crawled on top of me, staring into my eyes with hers. They too gleamed, just as the stars did, and the light reflecting from her bright blue pupils was the most mesmerizing sight I had ever seen. She pressed her teeth against my neck slightly harder, and then...

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Bad, early writing.  Saved here from the CP Wikia CC-BY-SA requirements.

During the Cold War, the American military initiated a department known as Strategic Air Command, or SAC.  SAC’s role was command and control of strategic nuclear strike forces and reconnaissance of both remote and airborne varieties.  While many bases were set up during the early stages of the “Red Threat” under SAC, many have been repurposed or decommissioned.  One such base located in Marquette, Michigan was closed on September 30, 1995.

K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base, as it was known, in compliance with closure procedures, also declassified certain documents to the public regarding their operations during the Cold War.  Full disclosure, what I have leaked from these reports is still very much classified.  I c...

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Bad, early writing.  Saved from CP Wikia's CC-BY-SA requirements.

The repetitive bass pulsated from inside the club. Somewhat muted, it provides a fitting backdrop for the business to come in this back alley I call “The Bazaar.” Very few people enter The Bazaar, as very few know of it. Only one item is peddled here. My item. “Relief”. Before you ask, I’m not selling heroin or meth. Those drugs harm people; they promise euphoria and ultimately deliver pain and suffering. I don’t sell prescription drugs either, those pills destroy more people than illegal substances, believe it or not. No, what I sell can’t be found in a pharmacy or on a street corner. I deal in an absolute. I disburse a release.

You might be questioning why I deal in an alley behind a club if my product is so revol...