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on: 10:58 PM, 05/ 6/18
Can we address the elephant in the room?
(Hi, Mr. Peanuts)

   Please feel free to shut this down if I'm overstepping my bounds or if the thread becomes a snakepit, but I would love a little insight from beyond the initial break.
   I saw David's and Seid's response videos, DP's comment thread on Short & Shivery 24, and Slimebeast's reaction vid to the Ballad of Reading Nocturne. While these have built an academic understanding of the backstory, I still don't really know what's going on now. All I know is that DP has bowed out from UCA and The Witching Hour as a result of exigent circumstances concerning...all that business...but I'm still a little lost in the weeds here.
   How do things sit? Are there any plans from here on out? What's the new dynamic going to look like? How long after daddy hits mommy until we're allowed to eat dinner?
   I don't want to pressure anyone into telling tales out of school, and I definitely don't want to encourage the drawing of partisan lines, but I'm twisting in the wind here. Any news is better than no news.

   On a more personal note, it would do a lot to keep my twitch at bay to know what's going on with the Fleming Storage Units. Even if it's nowhere near the original plan, I would still love to know whether that project's dead or not. I don't even care about the 'contest'. One way or another the FSU Wikia needs to happen, even if you contract out for it (ahem). Were it a matter of my own work alone I would just wash my hands of it, but I watched a community coming together under that umbrella. We had the roots of something beautiful. It would be a shame to see that fall apart.

   I realize this is asking a lot from people who probably don't even know for themselves, but it just feels wrong to let it pass without mention. This has been messy. All I'm after is a clear update; not judgment, not blame, just the facts ma'am.

   Again, sorry if it isn't my place to bring it up, and I'm sorry if this thread becomes a garbage fire.

Best, forever (and ever),

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on: 10:20 PM, 05/15/18
I can give my personal observations on FSU and how it stands at the moment. To me it's drawing a lot of similarities to troubled projects I've seen before. The pushed deadlines and extended wait times is one worrying factor. DP as far as I know did address this in an update video and if I'm remembering correctly, put it down to inexperience with dealing with a project of this size. Which is a fair statement. People are usually forgiving when it comes to those things, more so when the project lead can cop to their own shortcomings. Usually means their gonna work on it. The issue that does arise from that however is when there's no end goal in sight.

Lack of communication is another factor that crops up too. Not keeping people informed on a regular basis is rarely a good thing and leads to apathy as the months go by. Discussion and interaction regarding the project die down as people loose interest. I know some things went down before the split on UCA that also contributed to the delay (DP got sick, flooded apartment etc.) of the project but some constant feedback to the community would've been helpful in keeping everyone up to date. A thread on here would've been ideal.

As for the split itself. It came out of left field for sure. I'm not going to hold it against anyone who feels the need to step away for a while after something like that happens. Again though, without any clear indication on what the state of the project is, I can only assume personaliy, even longer delays or cancellation.

There's a few ways it can go as I see it.  The project could be handed over to someone else who can take full responsibility on seeing it through to its completion. That might be a big ask though. The other option is to let everyone know how it stands now honestly and work to get a solid plan in action. Or it could continue as is which to me would be to its own detriment because even if it does reach its end point I think it will lose a lot of interest and participation as well as any excitement people may have had for it. You can only hook participants for so long before they move on.

Honestly, this project needs a new coat of paint and a swift kick in the teeth to reinvigorate it.

It's not my intention to hold DP and the former judges in a negative light. I don't believe they had any malicious intent regarding FSU. I'm sure they're heart was in the right place and they wanted to do well by everyone involved. I do believe however that there are valid criticisms to be made on how it's been handled up till now. I really hope the project gets back on its feet soon and succeeds on what it set out to do. Cause it would kinda suck for all those involved if it didn't.
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