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Your Stories / Sleep with one eye open
« on: 11:36:01 PM 06/23/17 »
I was 8 years old at the time.  We lived in a house down a dirt road next to a car dealership on the right and woods in the back of our house.  I can't make this story too long. Because being so young I can't remember all of the details.  But what I do remember before my parents were gruesomely murdered by the intruder. Was this.  It was a Sunday night in 1984. And we finished the ABC Sunday movie Superman together.  My parents put me to bed and tucked me in.  I heard them lock things up and turn off the television and the lights.  I awoke to a thud, then my mother screaming my dad's name. Then I heard a struggle and more sounds of stabbing and then another thud.  I was so terrified, I knew something was horribly wrong and that someone was in our house.  The next thing I remember was truly horrifying.  My bedroom door opened slowly. The intruder turned on my lights and I immediately acted like I was asleep.  He disappeared into the hallway and drug my dad's body into my room and propped him in a chair in my room, then he left and came back and brought my moms body into my bedroom.  I kept my eyes closed trying to take a peek without the intruder seeing me peek.  He dipped his glove into my dads open wound and started writing something onto my wallpaper.  What seemed like hours, he set in my room. Writing slowly on my wall with my parent's blood.  When he finally left and I opened my eyes.  The message on the wall read.  I know you're Awake.  I immediately fled my home screaming for help, as I saw the intruder take off into the woods.  My neighbor further down the road came and brought me in a called the police.  To this day.  I cannot sleep soundly knowing that someone can come into your home and destroy it all, as soon as you close your eyes.   

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