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Your Stories / Ringing
« on: 02:41 AM, 02/26/18 »
Before I could make sense of the actions, I was swept away in a sea of passion.  Hot breath on my neck, butterfly kisses trapping up my law until her lips met mine.  We held that kiss for what felt like an eternity before she nibbled on my lower lip, wordlessly asking to take this further.  I opened my mouth slightly, allowing a more heated kiss to begin.  Near instantly we were exploring each other’s mouths, hands groping and caressing seemingly with minds of their own.  The couch became a void in which it was only her and I. 

Suddenly, our eternal make-out session was made mortal by the shrill noise.  My old, landline phone ringing.  The pitch seemed different, but it could have been just me.  The high-pitched ringing one gets in their ears during intense moments could be mixing with the electronic screeching.  I pull myself away from my honey, collecting myself, catching my breath before grasping at the plastic phone.  I held it to my ear only to have the ringing fade out and static fill my ear.  It wasn’t deafening, more than likely feedback from the old thing.  Suddenly, a low groan came through. 

“What are you doing with my daughter?” A gravelly voice requested, its anger quite clear.  I don’t know who hung up, I only remember letting out a short scream.  That voice had unlocked some primal fear in me.  The type of instinct passed down from your caveman ancestors.  It sounds silly now but something about that was, for lack of a better term, not kosher.  I was only brought back to my senses when she called to me, attempting to comfort me. 

“What’s wrong?” She asked, as if my reaction hadn’t been completely out of the blue.  I thought about my actions for a moment, quickly gathering myself in a crescendo of logic.

“Nothing dear, your father just called and yelled into the phone, he gave me a good scare.” I said, naturally, not even catching on to what I said until her words hit me like a gut-punch.

“Sweetie, you know dad passed away years ago.” Her voice shook, as if I was beginning some elaborate and cruel prank, but I was instead gripped by more fear than before  as one question raced to my mind.


Story Critique / My Family Has A History Of Oddities
« on: 11:19 AM, 11/ 1/17 »
Before I post this, I want to make it clear this is a rough draft, and legitimately based on my bloodline and ancestry.  All names used are that of real people, full names left out for privacy's sake.  I'm looking for ways to keep my facts here, while making it more eerie and enticing.

My Family Has A History Of Oddities

    My family tree has turned out to be rather complex.  By marriage I’m related to a couple of influential Americans, or at least, what would become Americans.  To start with me, many things in my life fail to add up.  Not in the ‘that’s not possible’ sense, more as if the input never matches the output.  It’s as if I’ve smashed a hundred mirrors whilst walking under a tunnel of ladders right behind a black cat.  I’m usually not one for luck, and had this been a year ago, that metaphor would have been purely hyperbolic comedy.  But, while doing some research, around this time last year, my great-aunt Rosemary discovered our family lineage intertwined with the Putnams. 
    For those unaware, the Putnams, specifically Ann Putnam, were chief accusers during the Salem Witch Trials.  To better explain myself, I’ll try to keep the family tree short.  This proves some struggle though, as certain details were lost to the sands of time.  My grandmother’s maiden is Ingalls, now hyphenated with my grandfather’s last name, O’Keefe.  As he’s relatively recent to the family, he’ll be close to last.  Nathaniel Putnam had claimed witness against Martha Allen Carrier, sealing her fate.  Many of the accused ‘witches’ were subject to seizures, which were said to be possessions by Satan, due to the women practicing witchcraft, it was unclear whether Martha suffered from seizures.  Martha was the daughter to Faith Ingalls. 
    Things were rather cold between the families until the Ingalls-Putnam alliance which began about fifty years after the 1692 Witch Trials.  Now, my great great great great grandfather, yes, with four greats, David Ingalls had a sister named Hannah.  Hannah Ingalls married Deacon Daniel Putnam.  Their line produced George Palmer Putnam, who founded G.P Putnam’s Son Publishing.  He was the namesake of George P. Putnam, who’d be Rosemary’s fifth cousin once removed.  And do you know who George P. Putnam married? Amelia Earhart.  We all know what happened with her.
    Flash forward a long while from there.  In the mid-1900’s, my grandmother was born.  She struggled a bit, becoming a mother at a young age and having three children, my mother, aunt and uncle.  Things didn’t work out with my biological grandfather, who left when my mom was an infant.  When my mom was a bit older, my grandfather, who won the title by actually being part of the family, met my grandmother.  I was born in 1999.  I had motor skill problems as a child but with physical therapy, I was rather normal until 2016 when I was diagnosed with epilepsy after collapsing and concussing myself after a grand-mal seizure.  I’ve had quite a few other problems, all but one romantic partner I’ve had cheated on me, the several medical issues and some legal trouble.
    Now here’s where all of this comes together. Many witches swore to exact their revenge on those who falsely accused them.  Well it took a long while, a little over 200 years after the trials, but since the Earhart death, my family has been struggling. I’ve told you about my grandmother and my own struggles.  My grandfather had a stroke in 2008, which he luckily survived.  Now, I don’t believe in curses, but isn’t it ironic in a sense?  Swearing revenge on someone’s lineage only to have it intertwine with your own. 

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