Late Night Prius Drive [OLD]
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Posted by Knadire on: 12:00 AM, 08/29/17
Note: This story was written probably back in 2012-ish as a journal entry back when I was in high school. It's not great. It's riddled with grammatical and spelling errors, and I don't like it at all. But, I figured I'd post it here anyways for people to get a laugh out of. Thanks for reading!

“Just put it away; there’s no sense in trying anymore,” I cried with the cool air blowing in my face from outside. I was getting a strong wiff of pine and cold raindrops splattered my right leg. “If we flag someone down maybe they can call us a tow truck!”

“Ah kin put it up whr’ da sun don’t shine if ya don’t shaddup!” He shouted back. It was then that I realized how much he really had been drinking back at my place. I had figured he had only had a few beers and he had told he was good to drive. Clearly he wasn’t, and he was highly intoxicated.

I rolled the window back up, muffling the sound of the howling wind. Rain and on occasion hail pitter-pattered against the roof in steady streams.

He was meant to drive the two of us back to my place where we would relax for the evening. We’d have a few more drinks, he’d stay over the night and we’d make sweet love together until we exhausted ourselves. I’d fall asleep satisfied in his arms. If that was the case, by now I would be laying against a comfortable spring bed as he pumped that life giving necter inside me. I’d feel warmth and understand both worth and love.

Rather than resting against a stiff leather car seat, chilled and knowing utter uselessness as he cursed and the metal monster’s exterior.

Somewhere along the main road, a grinding sound came from the underbelly of the Prius. The floor lurched and vibrated violently. He slowly pulled out onto the gravel siding. There had been two nearly identical popping sounds, followed by a unified hiss. Another slur of profanity escaped his lips as his junked-up mind comprehended the situation.

The car now lay at the side of the street with two flats on the right side. He had gotten out of the car to stumble and fiddle with the tools he stored in his trunk. He must have been more than just drunk if he thought he was going to patch two punctured tires with a spanner and a monkey wrench.

I sighed heavily. Leaving the cell phone at home had been more of an issue than I had anticipated. I figured the worst that could happen would be that I would have to call a cab. If I had it now, I’d be able to call a tow-truck and this entire mess would be over and done with.

The Prius lurtched forward and I was tossed out of my seat. He had likely kicked the bumper and now cursed like a sailor in pain and frustration.

If he hadn’t been so stubborn, we could have flagged down one of the passing vehicles and get them to call one for us. But instead he chose to screw around in the dark, working with useless tools with only the headlights of approaching cars and the fourways of our own for illumination. I knew he would sober up eventually. Then a passing driver would help us get our Prius to a mechanic and us to our own homes.

But I also knew that could take all night. Sighing, I leaned back against the seat that was feeling more and more like cold stone. The windsheild wipers swished and swiveled back and forth, their shadows shifting uneasily across my face. They clicked much like my grandmother’s metronome would as her gnarled fingers curled around the broken keys of her piano.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

The memory left an uneasy feeling and I rolled over. The green numbers on the dashboard shone an eerie glow across the gear shift and reflected off the loose change he stored in the cup holders. It read 11:43.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

I heard his footsteps leave the gravel and turned to see his lumbering form scrambling into the woods. “Great,” I thought to myself. “He’s going to run off and get lost looking for a place to piss.”
But just before I lost sight of him where the trees grew dense, he tripped and fell flat on his face. After a few moments without further movement I opened the door. I wasn’t worried about him – he’s passed out after drinking before Sure as hell better here than at the wheel.

I had dealt with his drinking problems in the past and knew from experience that he required immediate attention to be rolled onto his side. It was a disgusting procedure that only some as close as myself could perform. I shivered at the thought of pushing his squishy form onto it’s side while his tongue lolled out of his mouth. I’d have to do so carefully or else I’d be coated in partially digested ordurves and appetisers that he had eaten but a few moments ago.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

Slowly I stood and walked towards him. My heels dug deep into the soft earth, forcing me to walk at a snail’s pace from pulling them out in a squeltch.
I croutched down by him and spoke smoothly. “C’mon now. You can’t sleep on the grass. Get up.”

He gave no reply. He was out cold.

I grabbed the heavy from by the shoulders and pulled my hardest. He was brought to a forty-five degree angle before my shoe came in contact with something slippery and my balance was lost. I tumbled backwards and he came crashing down directly on his back.

And the fourways cast a light glow on his body, sharpening him in grotesque, shadowing definition.

A long, black and cone-shaped creature protruded from his mouth. It was divided into segments much like a centipede and its mouth was much like that of a tarantula’s. Two long fangs hung from its tiny mouth, surrounded by what must have been eighteen beady eyes. The body was squished due to being stuck between the earth and his body. It must have been seven inches long, as its pointed end protruded right from between his eyes. He stared upward with his eyes wide and glazed over. His mouth hung wide in a silent scream I had never heard. Blood slowly oozed from between his teet and the hole above his nose. The both of them were dead.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

After what felt like hours but could only have been mere minutes, a scream finally left my parted lips.

It was if I had been slapped across the face. There was no feeling in my own body – I felt naked and exposed. After screaming for what felt like centuries my voice faded into nothing. My mouth still hung open in a silent cry as I felt invisible and cold hands grasp at my throat.

Death. That’s what I was feeling. Death.

I stooped and kissed his forehead and sobbed over his lifeless body. He was still warm and gave off a light stench of calone and alcohol. I grabbed the creature’s slimy and saliva-coated exterior from deep within his mouth. The rough texture of his cheek and tongue scrapped against my fingers and I gently eased the giant bug out from inside. It felt as cold as frozen metal. It felt like death.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

I examined it closer. It’s pointed tail looked so much like a knife. A sharp dagger that could pierce the toughest of materials. It must punctured the tires of the Prius and sliced open something vital in his brain.

The animal, reactivating some basic form of either a still active gland or a post-death predatory measure, ejected a blue-gray fluid over my chest via a small opening above the tail. I was enveloped in undescribable pain as I watch in shock as my skin and rubs were dissolved before my eyes. I saw my heart exposed for a breif moment, a throbbing organ amoung red, before my vision blackened.

Tick… Tick… Tick…