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on: 03:09 AM, 07/16/19
The other day I was just walking down the street, holding my phone on my shoulder like an 80s boombox with my hand cupped over the speaker as a reverb chambber listening to the Skill Flea Circus SYF, like ya do. Anyway it was the episode on Mr. Mix, and The Theater, pretty good banter in that one, so anyway, as the boys are going off on the line about one of the hackers dressing as a chef and trying to kidnap a kid I look ahead on the sidewalk and, I shit you not, there walking straight toward me is a full on chef, big poofy white pleated toque, white jacket with two row of black buttons, hip-holster chef knife, the whole shebang... I mean hey chefs gotta walk sometimes too... Just usually not dressed like cooks. I tried to think nothing of it, but the guy was seriously walking straigt toward me, and I guess something about the sheen of his moustache didn't sit right with me, what's the oposite of hyper-realistic? As he was about three feet from me he reached for his belt, and I thought, oh shit, he's going for his knife, I'm gonna die all because I wanted to listen to some dudes crack jokes about a story. Well, he wansn't going for his knife, as it turned out he reached into his pocket and pulled out a flash drive and held it out for several seconds before I timidly extended a cupped hand, as he dropped the flash drive into my hand he blandly stated, "I am Mister Mix." Then held an index finger below his lips and made a, "Shhhhh..." Sound. Once I got home I decided to check what was on the flash drive. There was only a solitary, singular audio file, which I included with this entry, I belive it may be a message from the entity known as Mr. Mix, intended for the boys from SYF I have no idea how to get in touch with them, so my only choice is to upload it to a site that hosts spooky stories, and hope that somehow this warning reaches them before Mr. Mix's agents on this plane do.
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