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on: 07:21 AM, 04/26/18
Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a haunted video game cartridge. A kid bought it from a garage sale and took it home and popped it into his old Dreamcast. The screen went all fuzzy and the Dreamcast made a weird noise.

Timmy (that was the kids name) suddenly realised that his Dreamcast took discs and this was a cart. He took it out of the Dreamcast and put it into his SNES and turned it on. The screen was black for about five and three quarter seconds then it flickered.

He heard a voice. "Youuuuuu will die in three days" said the voice in a high, ghostly, wailing style.

Timmy didn't believe it. He pulled out the cartridge and chucked it into an old box containing all his old Fifa and Madden games and went back to playing Fortnite on his XBox One.

Three days later Timmy dropped dead. Just like that.

His mum wasn't that sad. She aired out his room because it stank of grubby unwashed boy. She brought down the stack of plates and cups and dirty socks and washed them. She burned all his porn and sold all his games and consoles on Ebay. All except for the box full of old Fifa and Madden games. No-one wanted them so she just took the box and left it outside her house.

A kid walked past and noticed the box. "Are these games free?" he shouted when he noticed Timmy's mother was watching him.

"Yeah, help yourself, my kid died yesterday and doesn't need them anymore." she answered.

"Cool" said the kid and he proceeded to rummage through the box.

He tossed aside Fifa after Fifa and Madden after Madden muttering crap, crap, crap, crap, SUCKS, when he noticed the old SNES cartridge among the discs. "Coooool" he said and picked it out of the box and took it home,.
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