Author Topic: We always knew this would be our last summer together ( Candy Bowl 2017 Entry )  (Read 817 times)

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Candy -
Tasty treats: Swamp, Imprisonment, Patricide, and telekinesis
Okay Candy: Blindness, Wedding(s), Hospital(s)
Ewww!: A sexy merman, and a singing troll

This story was submitted to the Candy Bowl Challenge. It is a troll pasta ( kinda ) but I plan on editing it to make it into a real pasta.

We knew this would be our last summer together

I still remember that day when the air smelt of dried leaves and the air itself felt like waves rising and crashing filling the air with excitement. That was the setting for the epic road trip between me and my best friend Lucas Kurtz. We set off in my Ford the color of puke with a broken AC unit but the finest collection of cassettes. There was a bag of candy in between us and nothing but the road in front. Even now I can still close my eyes and feel the same excited anticipation for the journey ahead, even if that summer of ninety seventy seven is long ago now.

Now this road trip wasn’t just for the thrill of it, though Lucas might have believed it such, no in reality I had planned it since his injury and all throughout his stint in the hospital. No one knew for sure how it happened but in chemistry some combo of acidic chemicals splashed into Luke’s face. He would live but he had been blinded. That was the real reason for this whole trip to lift his spirits and to let him know he could still have an exciting life. Even when he wasn’t blind he wasn’t adventurous. I always was out hunting or exploring the creek or chasing a rabbit, while he would always stay inside. We lived across from each other and when it rained and I couldn’t go out I would always hang out with him, and when his mom thought he needed some sun she’d kick him out to play with me. When we were in our teens he’d teach me math and science while I took him to every party. Symbiosis that’s what Lucas would call it, I helped him and he’d help me. Friendship is what I called it.

Enough with that preamble let me get right into the meat and potatoes. We had made good time we had been trying to get to Florida but as that day shifted into the last of october my hunk of junk died on me. We had been traveling through South Carolina and it had been about an hour since we passed through a town. I grabbed my keys and flipped my chair back giving myself some leg room. “ Whelp Lucas looking like our bird got cooked” I said kicking my feet up on the dash.

Lucas opened the door and hopped out “ Well let me take a look at it first see if I can fix her.” he popped the hood before realizing the problem with his plan. “ Right. Gary get over here and give me a hand.”

I sighed opened the glove box took out my flashlight and trudged over to Luke. I’m not about to bore you with the details of playing three blind mice with a junk heap but suffice it to say we weren’t getting her working. It was when I slammed the hood shut in anger that Lucas put a hand on my shoulder I gave him a quick “ What!” before he shushed me.

He let the quiet sit for a moment before finally replying “ I hear someone yelling”.
I shook my head “ I didn’t hear a thing”.
Another pause was shared between the two of us the wind was now howling and the stench of bog was rising to my nostrils. There was no yelling, no screams and certainly no woman.
Luke however didn’t agree, “ I definitely heard something, come on no point in waiting in the car no one but creeps are gonna be driving at this hour”.

With a shrug I quickly grabbed my pistol from the glove box and followed Lucas, maybe his blindness gave him some sort of super hearing. His inexplicable hearing would be the least of that night's oddities, and by the end of it I might have preferred we ran into a serial killer on the road than what we met in that swamp.

The walk through the swamp was unpleasant for me, I wasn’t as careful as my friend and while he constantly prodded the earth with a stick I barreled into every single mud pit. However it felt like we were making progress. Luke would mention that we were getting closer, and about an hour in I heard something as well. It sounded like three people all singing a rousing bar song. I mentioned it to Lucas and he gave me an odd look “ No it’s a woman calling for help” we both looked at eachother in the flashlight beam. His eyes were wide with fear and his mouth fumbled with his question “ Is yours getting closer?”

My hand trembled as I spoke “ Yes”.

Closer and Closer the sounds grew even as we turned tail and trudged back to our shelter in this now terrifying position. As the song grew louder, and as the wails increased in desperation we realized with sinking dread that we weren’t going to get to our clunker without whatever was coming catching up. Lucas held his walking stick while I loaded my pistol. Whatever was following us was in for a wallop.

As it got even closer I could hear it snap twigs but only for the briefest of moments. Only enough time to adjust my grip and ready myself to pull the now hot sweaty trigger.

It came crashing towards us like a rhino. Luckily it missed the two of us and only past by us, however it quickly turned and prepared itself for another charge. My flashlight caught wrinkly skin like a hippo and its muscular body was like a shaved gorilla. It was far bigger than either of those animals standing as tall as an Elephant with a body like a human. As I pointed the flashlight and gun at the things face I saw the two black eyes bulging from the things head and its grill of shark like teeth. It had a singular hole in the middle of its head and as I watched it charge towards me I heard its call. It was the song I heard and closer now it had a twinge like singing while gargling water, its lyrics were as such “ Sleep all Day work all Night for everything I owns is in my sight!”.

It dashed at me swinging its right hand, it only had four fingers, and I tossed myself to the right pulling off one singular shot before I toppled to the earth. The bullet slammed into its shoulder cracking into it like I had fired at solid rock. On my side I could see it hand a bundle tied to its back, it was a pack of some sort, crafted from a random assortment of fabrics. But sticking out from the pack was a woman clad in nothing but a bikini. Flabbergasted by the oddity of the situation I shouted “ Luke it has a? A....a lady on its back!”

Lucas made his way to me “ What do you mean?” I did my best to describe the situation to him before the thing could recover for another attack. “ Then we have to save her. Cover me Gary.” with that the mad man charged the thing and smacked it on the back with his staff.

“ Guns don’t work on it! What makes you think your sticks gonna do it!” I yelled at him but it was too late. The things left hand grabbed Lucas by the neck lifting him as it stood up. “ With might you can always make right. When all might is consumed then one may walk in light.” I saw Lucas struggle as the thing closed its grip on his throat.

The woman screamed, The beast let loose a garbled laugh, I fired another round, it chuckled, Lucas raised his staff, it grew silent.

Suddenly an almost blinding light erupted from the stick Lucas held.

The troll tossed Lucas away sending him into and through a tree. It covered its eyes with its five fingered left hand and blew a loud shriek from the hole on its head. “ They aren’t suppose to be this strong, they’re suppose to be food for Shade.” The grey hulking mound of destruction could talk!

I popped another cap in the thing to no avail as it gathered its senses and planted both hands on the ground to rev up for another charge. Lucas stood up from his collison his clothes torn but the white burning light still held in his hand. With a determination I never heard from him Lucas said “ You have feasted on a birthright that isn’t yours. You won’t escape to the deep this time and you will not prevail this time Shadow Lord.” With that the two rushed towards each other.

My eyes could barely keep track of the two but at the last second I saw the collision and almost instinctively I called out to my friend “ NOW!” and then I tore my eyes away as another flash irrupted from the combat.

The beast stood breathing heavily, Lucas stood turning for another blow, the right arm of the beast lay in between the two freshly severed.

It roared with rage and the two collided again, I was able to once more call to my friend when to strike and the monstrosity was left with both arms freed from its torso.

It let loose another laugh before in a shallow voice saying “ You fight unlike any other star spawn, not bound by the chaos of battle.”

Lucas pointed the light at the beast starting to walk towards it “ I am free from worry and the fear of loss does not cloud my abilities.”

The creature smiled “ I wonder” and with that it turned towards me with a desperate charge. Its mouth was agape and I saw its three rows of wickedly sharp teeth. Worse still was the absolute pit of darkness in its throat, a portal to a land of absolute shadow where light couldn’t penetrate.

Lucas screamed as he ran to save me, he would be too late. The woman on the beast back thrashed for freedom, she would be unsuccessful, and the beast drooled as it readied itself for my consumption, he was wrong. I breathed out and aimed a shot to end all shots, the slug flew from my chamber and lodged itself directly in the bulbous eye of the monster. It didn’t stop the charge, it couldn’t but as the beast ran towards me its mouth closed around the same hand my pistol rested in. It felt instantaneous but the pain sent me into a heap on the ground, like a million daggers stabbing in, I knew suffering that day.

But as I collapsed Lucas smashed into the beast with his light blade stabbing it in the stomach and gutting it. Now the beast only lay on its knees the pack having been cut in the gouging. The woman crawled out from the bag as Lucas rested the tip of the light on one of the beast severed shoulders. The coughed and leaked blood as its mouth contorted to say it's final words “You were always my favorite”.

Luke’s blade slashed through the air cutting through the being of shadows neck and dispatching its head as it let loose the final word that shook me even after all I seen.

“ You were always my favorite” its head landed on the ground “ son”.

Luke stood before me the light casting no shadow only illuminating the woods around us. He had changed, he had claimed something.

He offered me his hand and I took it brushing myself off. My hand was healed, well the wound was my hand was still gone. “ Sorry I can’t fix the hand”.

Letting the insanity rush out of me I laughed “ It's fine we’ll get a new one!” Luke laughed at my joke, but I don’t know if he knew it was a joke. “ Where did the girl go?” I said looking around. My eyes found her laying on the ground staring at us, she was unable to stand though due to lacking any legs. Instead she had the bottom half of a fish. I laughed harder till my face was red and I had to sit to catch my breath.

Her name was Gloria and she was a mermaid. She was very pretty but the whole fish thing wasn’t my speed. We drove her back to the ocean and while I wasn’t into her Lucas did send me an invite to the wedding though he forgot to include the address.

Look I can’t get into exactly what happened but let me try to give you as much of an explanation as I can. Luke was the offspring of a demigod of shadow and a bearer of light. From what he’s told me it wasn’t a happy relationship and his father slayed his mother. He however lived through it by taking refuge in a baby born at the same time. The boy I knew as Lucas and this spirit of light are one and the same, they share the same body. The spark of light went dormant till that day in chemistry when it ignited and mixed in with him. The energy of which caused the chemicals to spill into his eyes. Though Luke claims he can still see things just not very detailed. He’s now globetrotting trying to find the bits of shadow in this world, and protecting those with light within them.

The mermaid Gloria was being imprisoned by Luke’s dad to lure light holders so he could devour them and grow more powerful. Her race isn’t really able to communicate with humans but they can call to light holders. It was a clever plan, but he didn’t take into account someone as strong as Lucas.

We never did get to Florida, I drove him back home after dropping off Gloria. I stayed in my sleepy little North Carolina town, and he gave me a hug before taking my car and driving to do his good work. He wrote me for a time but that stopped years ago. Even though he’s not here anymore on autumn days when the air smells of dried leaves and the wind toys with my air chimes, I can sit on my porch and hear his voice.

He says “ Thank you for being my friend”.

But maybe that’s just my imagination.