Border of Slumber, USA - We're making the definitive JTK timeline
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You know... Sometimes you just gotta take fanfiction too seriously

Welcome to "Border of Slumber, USA", a weekly podcast where 4 international clowns (Apolo, Vexy, Queen and Phantom) read every Jeff The Killer fanwork (sequels, spinoffs, ripoffs, slashfics, fanfics...) and put on the grueling and unnecessary task of putting every single event into a singular timeline, for the purpose of being more convoluted than Kingdom Hearts or something, i dunno...

Before anyone goes on assuming some stuff:
  • We do not promote or condone the harassment of the authors of the stories: We all have been dumb teens that shared the art they loved doing about their fandoms, and there' no reason to go "KYS U Fucktard" on them. Don't be mean.
  • We are not reviewers: As much as we have opinions and we occasionally voice them, the point of this podcast is not to offer literary critique. We just want to Have Fun and share that Fun with You, because we believe there's joy to be found on bad attempts at narrative.
  • We are neither Jeff Haters, not Jeff Lovers: So don't take us seriously for trying to make a timeline. We just love unnecessary plot connections and conspiracy boards.

So please, give us a chance and have fun:
We are on Youtube ,Newgrounds and you can follow us on  Twitter

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The Timeline as of Episode 2: It will get crazier