A Serial Killer Murdered My Brother
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Posted by Phantom Necromancer on: 03:03 PM, 09/22/21
"The Midnight Mauler"
That's what they called him. Of course, they did. The media will take any chance they get to turn a killer into a celebrity just so they can get a few extra clicks.

I'm sorry, it's just everything feels so… strange. I can't exactly describe it. It happened almost a year ago and they still haven't found the killer. So That's why I'm writing this. To vent out my frustration and tell my recollection of the events. I still feel guilty about it.

That night will never leave my mind. I just got to my brother's house for a weekly visit. I noticed that the front door had been broken off its hinges. Quickly I grabbed my gun and called the police. I was terrified.

I carefully walked into the house. I contemplated whether or not to call for him. Maybe he was alright. Maybe the intruder just grabbed a few things and ran. But my nerves took over. I couldn't speak no matter how hard I tried.

I noticed a pair of muddy shoe prints and slowly, carefully followed them to my brother's bedroom. I feared what I'd see if I opened the door. I pressed my ear against the door to check if I'd hear anything. I did.

Repulsive tearing sounds and what sounded like crunching. I flung the door open and That's when I saw him. Hunched over the torn open mess that used to be my brother. A man wearing all black clothing including a long coat that seemed to drape over the floor below. He just ripped chunks of flesh and organs with his long blood-soaked fingernails.

The sight made me want to cry. But that quickly turned to anger. "HEY", I shouted.  The Man turned his head to look at me. Blood dribbled from his chin. I couldn't make out many of his facial features in the dark but one thing stuck out to me. His razor-sharp teeth.  He must've filed them down or something. He quickly jumped off the bed and headed for the window.

Finally getting the courage I managed to shoot him in the shoulder just before he got out. When the cops finally showed up I told them what happened. They seemed to be amused by my story despite the fact my brother's mutilated cadaver lied right there.

No one believed my story until a few days after. Someone else was found the exact same way. And then another, then another. He became a media sensation then. Various news broadcasts were suddenly talking about "The Midnight Mauler" like he was some sort of bogeyman.

It made me sick. My brother and all the other victims had been reduced to nothing more than a body count to this ongoing slasher. I guess it's true what they say. People love serial killers.



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