Closing Daydream
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Posted by Beryl_Haller on: 11:56 AM, 08/12/20
(Based on a true events)

Seven years ago, my cousin died of schizophrenia. We knew he wasn't doing well, and wasn't expected to get any better, but we didn't expect him to do anything as drastic as he did. He, Jeremy, was always in his own little world, glued to his computer for as long as he could manage. We always thought it was a good thing. Starting a conversation with him about whatever he was playing would calm him down in an instant and anchor him back to reality a bit.
But I just found a text file on his old laptop after all this time that seems to be his thoughts during his last days. I don't think I know enough about games to describe it, so I'll just post it here. He doesn't date the entries, but it seems to start around March 12th 2011, and ends on May 22nd 2013.

"It's been a bit since the flood. (For context, he moved to Japan with my aunt in 2009, so the flood he's talking about is the Tohoku earthquake.) Phone's been out since then, so Mom's been using the main computer a lot. I can't get on the internet from this laptop, but it's something to do at least.
Mom says I should start a diary. She's been saying that for a while, but now I actually have a reason, so I guess I'm doing it now. I got Paladin to max level yesterday, so that's cool. I don't know what to do know so I've just been running around a lot. I guess that's all. Is that enough for an entry? I'll say it is."

"Mom's hogging the computer again. Really not much to do when she does that. I went and explored the forest near home. Found a couple people out there and we wandered around together for a bit. That was fun, I guess. I really can't think of anything to say in this? Is this even productive?"

"OK I KNOW WHY MOM WANTED ME TO WRITE IN THIS NOW! There's a star in the sky! The guys I pointed it out to didn't see it, but it was bright! AND RED! This diary is for me to write down the things I see! I'll review these entries later once I've got a few, then maybe I can figure out what they mean."

"I was walking around today with my sword, and a guard told me to give it to him. It wasn't my main one. Just a wooden branch, really, so I handed it over. This never happened before, so I can only guess it's an event like the star. The red star is still there, by the way. Not always, but it IS still there!"

"The star is either bigger, or brighter, I can't tell. But others can see it when it's up there now. I actually hear other characters talking about it now. I have no idea what's going on!"

"I've been playing for years now, this isn't normal. But most people are just going about their day like it's not even there! When I'm forced off the computer I start looking around for more weird events. I haven't seen any yet, but I'm extremely wary."

"It's even closer now. Just a bit smaller than the moon. Whatever that red is is, I dunno, roiling? It's like a fire. Is that what a star looks like this close? It's not as bright as the sun though. There's activity outside the city now. I think it's related, but no one seems to know anything about it. I'm going to go see what's up outside. When I get back, I'm preparing."

"The 'activity' was nothing important. At least if it wasn't related to me losing my stuff it's not. When I got back to my room, all my weapons were gone. I swear I remember exactly where I put them. I asked my Mom if she moved them, but she acted like she'd never even seen them! A lure like that is just the kind of thing the Empire would do, so I'm not discounting them."

"Closer. Again, no one knows why it's coming, save for the doomsayers going on about the end of the world. I'm usually disinclined from believing that blabber, but the scale of this might be beyond my friends and I. Then again, I've thought that before and we haven't failed yet. So preparations continue."

"Monsters and Imperials innumerable. They didn't stop. The star was close enough to see that it was ancient tech surrounded in a cloud of storm. I still don't understand how, or why, but regardless I've been fighting for hours. Outside my city there was a great wall of stone-like creatures. It seems others are taking defense as seriously as I am. I was on a journey to the front when I succumbed to sleep. I can only hope I make it in time."

"It's over. I don't know what this means. The construct burst and a creature was released. It went on a rampage, destroying everything. Then... That was it. It was over. There was no more. I couldn't think straight for a whole day. I think I understand thought. I have to make up for my failure. I'm still here, so I have to do what I can."

"It's been a few months. My mother was very concerned at my return, though more relieved to see me than anything. I would love to console her, but I know she won't understand. She may call others to try to prevent me from leaving again. I've only got a meager knife, but I've trained with it and I think I'm ready. This is my final entry before my pilgrimage to Tokyo. I'm going to confront the conductors of the apocalypse before they can commit to another one. Anyone who tries to stop me, I'll treat as one of them. I'm resolved to become an unsung hero."

Jeremy got in a scuffle with my Aunt. She's fine now, but he gave her a few scars before running away. Of course she called the police. Apparently it took them a while to find him, and when they did, he was apparently near feral, biting and scratching at anyone who came near him. Supposedly didn't say a single word during the stand off. I can only imagine the tension at that time. Jeremy jumped at the officers and when they got him to the ground, he started bashing his head against the ground. They restrained him, I guess, but he died from the trauma around 2:30 AM May 23 2013.

Again, I don't game, and Jeremy's ramblings were always hard to decipher, for me at least. So if someone could explain this to me, I'd be grateful.

Posted by Beryl_Haller on: 11:57 AM, 08/12/20
First time writing one of these. I'd appreciate getting both barrels in a critique-manner.


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