Act 1, Scene 2
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Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 10:50 PM, 07/31/20
interior shot of a small dark dank basement. The walls and floor are a full grey concrete. Cracked nearly in every spot. There’s a stagnant puddle of water in the center of the floor, surrounding a clogged drain. The teens enter from the staircase that leads to the exterior cellar door
Shaun: See  guys it’s just an old house.
Cody: If it’s just an old house why where you so eager to come here?...
Shaun: Come on, didn’t you guys always want to come in here? See the house from all those stories in person.
Tiffany: I know I have.
The teens wonder about the dank cellar, hands against the walls, stumbling around.
Jeremy: Did any of you think to bring a flashlight?
Tiffany: We all have flashlights on our phones, don’t we?
They each take out their cell phones and turn on the flashlight feature
Jeremy: Shit! I’ve got a low battery guys.
Shaun: Don’t worry we’ll be in and out, real fast.
Cody: Hey does anyone else smell that? Cody covers his nose and mouth with the sleeve of his hoodie It smells disgusting in here!
Jeremy: It’s probably the stagnant water, could be from a leaky pipe or something.
Tiffany: Or maybe it’s from the bodies of the missing kids they never found.
Cody: Cut it out Tif that’s not funny.
Shaun: Does anyone see the stairs up?
The group scans the room with their flashlights, finding decaying musty old boxes. A work bench with a few rusty tools still sitting on it. Then finally in the farthest corner, the stairs.
Jeremy: Yeah guys there over here. Jeremy gestures the others toward the far corner.So who's going up them first?
Cody: I think Shaun should, it was his idea that we even come here. He should be the first one to risk the stairs.
Shaun: Fine by me... pussy.
Shaun begins to ascend the stairs as they creak and moan with each step taken. When suddenly on the fourth step it gives out from under him.
Shaun: Whooah! Shaun catches himself on the railing be careful guys the fourth step isn’t safe.
Tiffany begins to climb the stairs after Shaun. They both reach the top without another incident. Cody and Jeremy follow shortly after.


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