Dock 4
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Posted by Wolfman Lou on: 07:20 PM, 05/31/20
Time was giving birth to morning. Skies still dark, aching to bring light. I stumbled into my new day, all but one loading dock occupied. I thought it odd, Dock 4 was never used, yet here it was, transferring goods like any other day. I stared down the way to see if I could recognize anyone. I didn't. I shrugged it off, sanitizing my hands as I walked to the lockers.

I gave my usual hellos as my precious half-hour before clock-in passed. I couldn't shake from my from head Dock 4. What was being moved so early in the day? It wasn't our product, I could tell that much. I guess it was just one of those days. We all run on confusion.

I pressed my finger to the time-puncher, and I felt it. A wave of death. It shook my body to its' core. Every step was heavier than the last. My shoulders felt like stone. All I could think was 'Fuck Dock 4. Fuck Dock 4'

My vacant body stared down the dock, clearing my throat as I stared into the eyes of her. A sweet girl with bright red eyes. I start tomorrow. I'm unloading Dock 4.


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