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I found this letter sealed in an envelope, along with a USB drive tucked away in the closet of the house I recently moved into, I don't know what to make of it, so I posted it here (along with the contents of the drive).

Mr. Johnson,

Where to begin, I was born in the 1990s, loved RPG style video games, and adored anime. So, it makes sense that I would like the game franchise known as Pokemon, It's a very interesting concept that around its time wasn't utilized in other games all that often. I started off with the Pokemon Ruby in 2004 when my brother and I traded games for a week, loved it to pieces. This was my introduction to the series. As more games came out I would get them for my birthday or Christmas. My brother and I would play against each other and trade from time to time, it was the good parts of my life. I always wanted to play the originals, but my parents didn't want to spend thirty-something dollars on an "old" game when I could get the new ones. To their understanding, the games were all the same because of the gameplay, when it's so much more than that, and they especially didn't want to spend eighty dollars on a Gameboy. In 2007 I had a laptop, a small camera, and a hand few audio editing software that came with the laptop. All the things I had gotten that Christmas. I had asked for the laptop and recording software because one of my many dreams was to be a voice actor, the love I had for Pokemon is why I wanted to be a voice actor. The Pokemon anime was one of my favorite pastimes, and in my child mind, I thought maybe, just maybe I could voice a character on the anime. But out of all those gifts, one, in particular, changed how I view Pokemon as a whole.

About a month after Christmas, my uncle visited. I was always his favorite, and he was always mine. He was the one who always seemed to know what I wanted for the holidays. A couple of weeks ago I had told him I was a little disappointed. I didn't get any new Pokemon games when my friends at school had. One day he pulled me aside with a smile on his face and handed me something wrapped in brown paper. “Merry Christmas,” he said still smiling. “Oh my gosh, thanks!” I said to my still smiling uncle. I was so shocked; I swear I almost dropped my present out of pure surprise. I ran straight to my room and slowly unwrapped the brown paper. It was a red Gameboy cartridge with a very worn label and an original Gameboy.

I knew exactly what it was despite the torn label. I had seen my friends with their copies of Pokemon Red and Blue, and I had watched a few of the playthroughs of Red and Blue online in the early years of YouTube, circa 2006 through 2007. So naturally, with extreme excitement, I might add, I popped the cartridge in. A very unusual Pokemon Red screen appeared. It had no Nintendo copyright text and no game version text, just the Red sprite and Pokemon logo. I knew these games were glitchy, but I didn't think what I was seeing was a glitch. My reasoning was, why would all the next involving copyright be completely gone? It seemed too convenient: I couldn't quite understand why these things would be removed, but I pushed it aside and didn't think much of it.

I played on, and the game played completely as it should until I reached Celadon City. All the NPCs were gone. I found it strange. So, filled with curiosity I preceded to the Gym, where there were no trainers to fight me just the Gym Leader, Erika. I walked up to her and started the battle. She sent out her Tangela; its sprite was blank. As in all the identifying features of it had been removed, replaced with white. It was like this sprite was a placeholder for the actual sprite. I had heard that was a part of the process of developing video games. I defeated it with ease, but then she released her next Pokemon, These weird placeholder sprites were the same for all of her Pokemon. I defeated each one, and at the moment the last Pokemon fainted. The music changed to something I had never heard before. It was loud. So loud, It hurt my ears so badly. I just knew I had to record this. It was terrifying, and part of me wanted to show people. So, quickly I got my laptop off my bed and used the audio recording software that came with the laptop. After I was able to snag a small recording, almost as quick as I grabbed my laptop, I shut that damn Gameboy off. In hindsight, I think the music may have not been loud but instead, it physically hurt to listen to because of the Gameboy’s high pitch tones. I honestly can’t remember anymore. The fact that I can’t remember horrifies me at times as you’ll eventually read why. The recording device I used the record that horrifying music has an auto-compressor function, to put it simply that means when you port an audio file into it, it automatically makes the quiet part of an audio track loud and the loud parts quiet. This gives me solace. Maybe I’m not forgetting. Then again I guess I wouldn’t really know, would I? I’m getting ahead of myself. At this point, I was going to document one more thing before I got rid of this game. The feeling of wanting to show people this nightmarish game became overwhelming. I grabbed my camera, turned the Gameboy back on and took a picture of the title screen.

After this whole ordeal, I was desperate; I needed to get rid of this game. Maybe it was my need to show people this game that caused me to do this, but I rushed over to my friend Jake’s house, and I told him he could have the game. He took it without question as he loved Pokemon just as much as I did. He was shocked and I was happy. I thought all would be fine, and I went home.

The next morning I heard a loud "Come here son." echoed throughout my room. I ran downstairs, and two police officers grabbed me. “What's this about?” I yelled. Their reply chilled me to the bone, “Because you murdered your friend.” “What? No, no I didn't. I don't remember this. Please. I don't remember.” The look on my mom's face was one of disgust. The court dismissed all my charges as a psychiatrist deemed I really couldn't remember. I was released into my parent's custody. At first, I really couldn't remember, but it's all slowly coming back to me. Jake put the game cartridge on the ground right in front of me. He crushed it with his boot. Rage consumed me, I asked to get a drink. he obliged and I went to do so. Then I came back with a kitchen knife. I remember every stab, every single one. It will forever haunt me, He was my best friend, and I killed him.
I constantly have nightmares about this event. In one I go to Jake’s house and show him the things I’ve discovered, then Jake becomes incredibly ill and dies.
In another, I am tied down to a chair and Jake’s bloody corpse forces me to listen to that music on repeat until my ears bleed.
I have never been able to shake these dreams.

There are questions I seem to ask myself every day. “Who made this game?” “Why did they get rid of anything that would point to Nintendo making this game?” “If the reason for that was the same reason the sprites were blanked out, why not with all the Gyms, why just Erika's?” “Could the answer to all of those questions be that the game's developer didn't want anyone to know about the game?”

I never had to face prison time, so I got to live my life relatively normally that is until I decided to talk to my uncle. He has dementia; My parents didn't want to take care of him. I tried to apply for custody, but the court denied me a total three times, for obvious reasons. So he got put in an old folks’ home. I went down there and asked him about the game. He started crying. He said he couldn't remember. He said he tried and tried to recall where he got the game multiple times. He was about to say something else when the staff at the home said visiting hours were over, I was disappointed, but I had to be elsewhere anyway. I left to go to my routine therapy session. My therapist suggested writing out my story and sending to people involved in the court case with my quote-on-quote friend and me to get some sort of fake closure, I guess. She advised me not to ask or speak of anything relating the game claiming it would be insensitive, but I just have to. If I want real closure this is how I can get it. Does anyone involved know about this game? Please take the evidence I have given you and find out. I've sent a flash drive inside of your envelope containing this letter with all I have on this stupid game.
That awful music. That blank title screen. Please. I will pay you, or do whatever you want. Just help me find it.

I’m sorry for the terrible things I did Jake. Please forgive me and help me out of my own personal hell. I will be forever grateful.

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