Phantomic: Daylight Never Waits
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Posted by AsterinBlack on: 02:11 AM, 10/25/22
So unlike other things posted here, this is intended to be a full novel. I know this site is mainly for short stories, but I wanted to have my novel developed and helped through this forum.

I will be publishing a PDF showing the novel so far. Chapter 3 is still unfinished.
WARNING: This story contains gore, unusual sexuality/and or sex, magick and the occult, demons that haunt your nightmares, child abuse mentions, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse.

Synopsis: The story’s is about Phaseshifter, a being created by Keirthan, who is  a dark being from a race known as Nevoltus Creperum. Creperum are dark entities formed by natural darknes,fear or an amalgination of both. The plot then focuses on Keirthan, a dark temerea Creperum which is a manifestation of evil, and how he attempts to create a new entity to spread his influence with fear of his kind dying. He calls this entity Phaseshifter, and uses the soul of an orphan child to create him, as he is to old to naturally reproduce asexually. It then focuses on Keirthan and Phaseshifter's relationship as Keirthan trains him to be dark, evil, and a ruthless killer. Their relationship and the relationship Phaseshifter has with other Temereas is the primary part of the book, with Phaseshifter acting as the main character and Keirthan being the antagonist. The story is told through Phaseshifter’s perspective, as he writes accounts or live through his experience of being forced to become Keirthan’s dark master, and the brutal tragedies and bloodshed brought by his hand. The inner conflict besides fleeing from Keirthan’s grip, is coming to terms with who he is and his own morality forging his own path.

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Posted by AsterinBlack on: 02:16 AM, 10/25/22
On a side note, I am more than willing to upload to this forum, I just feel that the reading experience would objectively be better in PDF format. By the way, feel free to DM or post on this thread for any comments or questions about my story.


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