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"Hello, Artist Games Customer Service, I’m Alex, how can I help?”

“Hello, my name is Mia, I got this game from your company… Haunted Mansion 2. It does something odd. Not sure how to say.”

“Was there any problem with the installation?”

“No, it starts fine. I mean in-game I go into the mansion and collect the items, but the ghost never appears.”

“That sounds odd, the ghost should be there. Had you tried the microphone?”

“Yes, but nothing really happens. I did the incantation from the notes I found and even did a reinstall. Can it be that the ghost is bugged?”

“All of our spirits are trained professionals… Okay, let us try a debug. Are you in the game?”

“Moment… Yes.”

“Press zero, write hmdebug1, enter and write locate(ghostactor).”

“Done. Nothing… Wait, a note was added. It reads…

'I got a better job offer at Davis. So long, you losers.'”

“I see… You can trade the copy in at the retail store, and I will do a call myself. Thank you for noticing us and we are sorry for the inconvinience.”

Hello, George… Alex from Custom. Yes, John Lewits from HM2. He was one of our best actors.

Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger!

Customer said he wrote a note that he left to work at Davis’ game company.

I don’t know, he wants to play a talking red puppy or something?

But hey, he had this job for ten years.

Maybe he wants a fine role before he starts again or just a vacation.

Listen, George, I get that he was your brother a while ago but seriously, would you want to play Hamlet for ten years? Maybe he just got fed up. Internet is a fine way to get a fresh new job.

Ummm… Maybe make a code for a stand-in…? I don’t know. I will call them.