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Title: Scaredy-Cat
Post by: HeadExploder99 on 02:25 PM, 02/ 7/18
Hi. I'm Griffith, stupid people call me Griffin (which you may not call me), but you can call me Griff. I'm probably the most paranoid person in the world. Seriously, I have hallucinations and delusions, and every time I close my eyes I usually open them five seconds later, screaming in terror because I saw something like Slenderman, only amplified by fifty thousand. Anyway, I'm nine years old and (again) the most paranoid person in the world (probably). This morning I was (traditionally) playing ROBLOX for my (traditional) three hours, when I saw something out of the ordinary. A small kitten outside of my window, black with green eyes so cute you swim in it. Yet along with paranoia, I'm also VERY superstitious. I gave advice to my friend Ashton not to let thirteen people inside the Little Lucky Clan, even. So I also believe not to let a black cat cross your path. And this one definitely did. I jumped from my seat without bothering to leave the server. I ran into the living room and started watching whatever was on the TV. Guess what? Too Cute. With a black cat on it. I ran outside and started to run to Ashton's house to tell him the crazy stuff that was going on. I finally reached the spot where his house was supposed to be. Keyword: Supposed. In it's place was a giant. Fluffy. Black cat. I screamed and ran to the park and started screaming for a therapist. Nobody replied. Well, nobody A man ran up to ask what was wrong. Here's the thing: It wasn't a man. It had a human body, but it's shoes were padded, and it's head was that of a cat's. A black cat's. It was the same thing with all of them.Then I started screaming again. But it didn't sound like my voice. In fact, it didn't sound human at all.
Title: Re: Scaredy-Cat
Post by: Letrune on 07:50 AM, 02/ 9/18
I don't know. It seems like a really normal thing for me. I mew be biased.