The kids are alright.
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Posted by Lyca on: 03:34 PM, 08/29/18
The kids are alright.

He walked through the dark graveyard quickly. It was cold and spooky if you were scared of that kind of thing but it was a shortcut that saved him ten minutes of walking time so through the graveyard he went.  He stopped by a big tree to take a pee.

Johnathon suddenly heard a little voice.

"Watcha doin'?"  He turned his head round to see a little boy of around four or five years old.
"So what ARE you doing?"  the boy asked again. He was tiny and frail looking, white blonde hair and big blue eyes that almost looked too big for his head.
"Who are you? " asked Johnathon "You shouldn't be out here alone at night, where are your parents?"
"I'm Jacob" the kid replied "and I like being out here."
"But where are your parents?" Johnathon asked again. "I could take you home."
"My parents are dead and I live here. All the kids live here" Jacob replied.
"All the kids?"
"yup, ALL the kids, we're okay except we're hungry."
"I could get you some food." Johnathon said not really sure what was going on. Maybe the kid had ran away from home with a few friends or something. Maybe he could persuade them to go home, or maybe he could see where they were and phone the authorities, the police or social services or something. He definitely didn't want to leave the boy on his own. He looked so little and frail.
Jacob suddenly ran up to Johnathon's side and took his hand. He looked up at him and smiled with those big, big blue eyes.
"I'll take you to the others and you can get us some food." he said somewhat cheerfully.

Jacob led Johnathon through the graveyard and into a crypt. The door was heavy and closed but the tiny boy pushed it with one hand and opened it without any effort. His other little hand was gripping Johnathon's tightly as he led him down into the darkness.

"It's just through here." he said.

They went through one more doorway and Johnathon found himself in a big room. The room had no windows but it was lit by big, old candles. There was a  huge, heavy table, and sat round the table were six other kids ranging in ages from around four to fourteen.

"JACOB!" the oldest girl snapped loudly. "You know you weren't supposed to go out alone."

"Don't be mad, I bought dinner" Jacob replied.

"Sure, I'll get you kids whatever you want"  Johnathon said "but you really should be going home"

"We ARE home" the girl replied. "Now come closer"

Johnathon realised he was walking towards the girl at the head of the table. He tried to stop but his legs just kept on walking.

"Do you have him Hetty?" a little boy of about ten with golden hair and freckles asked.

"I have him" replied Hetty.  Johnathon tried to speak and found he couldn't. He was stood close to the girl now. 

"Lie down" she said. Johnathon realised his body was moving. He was climbing onto the table and lying down. He tried to get up but couldn't move. He tried to scream but no sound came out.

"Peter get the knife,  and everyone else bring your plates" Hetty said.  Her brow was sweaty and furrowed in concentration. Johnathon tried to move again but couldn't. Not even one inch.

The freckled faced boy ran and fetched a big knife.

Hetty cut off the sleeve of Johnathon's shirt to reveal a bare arm. She hacked off a big slice of flesh like she was carving a Christmas turkey. She placed the flesh on the nearest waiting plate and then continued to cut enough slices for all the kids.

"I want an eyeball" shouted the tiniest child, a little girl who looked even smaller than Jacob. "I didn't get one last time" she whined.

"Fine" said Hetty and she plunged a fork into one of Johnathon's eyes and pulled his eyeball out with a sucky gloop.

She held out the fork to the little girl. Maisie grabbed the fork and gobbled up the eyeball joyfully.  Jacob insisted on having the other one as he was the one that had brought the food in the first place.

Johnathon felt every agonising cut, every stab, every slice. He could hear the slurping, the munching, the sucking and the crunching but he could not move. Not even one inch. He tried to scream but he couldn't make a single sound.

When the kids had finished eating Hetty asked if anyone was thirsty and all the kids insisted they were so she told them all to fetch their big glasses.

Hetty then ran the big knife across Johnathon's throat  and one by one the kids filled up their glasses.

Finally, mercifully Johnathon's world went away forever.

Hetty held up her big glass.

"Cheers" she said and all the kids clanked their glasses together and drank.

"Everyone alright?" she asked.

The End

Note: this story was kinda sorta inspired by a story I read many years ago about a dude who was eaten by monsters.  I sadly can't remember the name of the story that inspired me, or the author, only that it was in a compilation book and it was written in the 50s or 60s.  Also some inspiration was taken from the movie Monster Club.

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