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Posted by Phantom Necromancer on: 01:15 PM, 11/20/21
I'm not a very social individual. I barely ever go outside. I've just never been a fan of people.

I like to keep to myself and keep everything around me nice and clean. Because of that, I don't usually get sick from any contagion. 

It must have happened overnight. I don't know how else it could've happened.

I woke up and was in the middle of my morning routine when I noticed something covering the outside of my front window. It looked like plastic. It was odd, to say the least.

I opened my front door and the same plastic was right there. I tried to move it out of the way but it wouldn't budge. It wouldn't even tear.

I checked every other door and window. It didn't matter. It seemed that my entire house was wrapped in this… this prison.

I kept trying to push and pull on the plastic but it still wouldn't tear. I even used a knife and it caused the same results. "Help!" I screamed, "What's going on!?".

No response. At least not to me. I heard muffled talking. I couldn't exactly tell what was going on outside but I could make out a group of people just standing there. Probably as confused as I am.

Then a black truck drove up and people in strange-looking hazmat gear emerged out. They seemed to wear the usual yellow and black kinda gear. But they had a lot more of what I could tell as oxygen tubes and tanks wrapped around them.

I screamed to try to get anyone's attention. But either nobody knew I was there or they just didn't care.

The Hazmat team then made their way towards my house. I couldn't tell what they were saying but they must've told the people to get out.

They made it to the front door. I stood there face to face with one. I looked right into their gas mask's lens. I couldn't see anything. It was just… dark. He looked at me for what felt like an eternity. Yet it was almost like he was looking through me.

He said something. Most of it was incredibly muffled by both the mask and the plastic. But I could make out one word.


That word caused me to freak out. I had no idea what they were talking about. "I'm not sick!" I shouted at them. "I'm not sick!".

The Hazmat team ignored me and started to shove a tube into my front window. A strange purple gas started emerging from it. I frantically clawed and screamed but quickly tried to keep as much distance between me and the gas as possible.

I decided to go into my basement and lock it. I quickly grabbed the kitchen knife again just in case and quickly went down into my basement and quickly closed it.

I sat there and tried to wait it out. Whatever "it" was.

I went down a bit further in the basement to try and find the light switch. That's when I started to hear breathing. Heavy painful-sounding breaths.

I gripped the knife tighter in my hand and flipped the light switch.

 I don't know what I thought I was going to see. But a tall, squirming, moist-looking, blob of flesh was not it.

I fell back. Dropping the knife. One of its big black eyes turned to look at me. A flap opened up revealing a drooling mouth with misplaced human teeth. It let out a pained cry and wiggled and wormed its way towards me.

I stabbed it. It whaled horribly.

Then I stabbed it again.

Then again.

Then again.

I didn't stop until the repulsive creature stopped crying. I was drenched in its blood.

I felt sick.

This must have been it.

I started coughing as I exited my basement. The Hazmat team was inside of my house. It was filled with that purple gas but I didn't care. I killed it. I was free.

They walked up to me. I told them everything. I said, "it's in the basement, I killed it, you can leave now". But they just stared at me with their dark as the void lens.

"Didn't you hear me?" I said, "I killed it, I'm not sick! I killed it! I'm not sick, don't you understand!". They still just stared at me.

"Please… just let me go" I started to break down crying. Finally one of them spoke.




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