That Damn Cat
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Posted by DoviDoes on: 06:57 PM, 06/ 4/18
Salutations my fellow Cat Coveters, Feline Fanciers, and Pussy Protectors. As you can see, I'm a longtime lurker, first-time poster. This is the board for judgment-free venting, right? Great. Because I've just gotta say it.

My cat is pissing me off.

I know, I know. Mind your whiskers and, more importantly, the rules. And maybe, if you're still reading, hear me out.

Cat's name is Renegade Sam. Never met a neutered cat that was so horny. My first cat Ripley is way into it. Beautiful couple, should post pics soon.

The Gader wasn't originally mine. Bought him as a kitten for my Grandpa Chip after grandma died. Grandpa wasn't old enough for a Home yet and we all know what great company cats are.

Now, 10 years later, they've both moved in with me. Got them all set up in the finished part of the basement. Grandpa's mostly fine, still drove himself to his appointments this morning, but the dude's still got to have to have his privacy right? Right.

And a month ago he handed me the Pooper Scooper and said Sam is my cat now. His food and litter box are still in the basement, but sure, alright.

Rener's usually cool though. No sweat. But not this morning.

He was on me the moment I opened the bedroom door. Purring, nudging my leg, tripping me up. I'm just trying to make some fucking coffee.

Samthony would not let up. Definitely wasn't for affection. If it was, he'd have draped over my lap when I sat down on the couch. Or started rubbing on my neck from the back of the couch. He does that too.

Nah, he definitely wanted food. Had plenty of water, we keep that in the kitchen and I checked. He just, did that cat thing, you know? Every time I walked by the basement steps he'd finally leave me alone, walk down a few steps, and look at me like I'm the jackass.

But CoolestCatastrophe, you heartless bastard. Why didn't you just feed the poor kitty?

Because I fed him last night, that's why. I know that cat's stomach, and there is no way the dish is even half empty. And if it is, he should just eat from Ripley's bowl. She won't give a shit. She's better than that.

More than that, it's like. Resentment, I guess? Same kind of knee-jerk reaction from when someone tells you to do something you were about to do anyway. If he'd just leave me alone I'd humor him and check anyway. This is my house, not his.

Even as I'm typing this, there he is, trying to nudge me to stand up and purring incessantly. I guess I should just be glad old Sammy Slammy isn't full-on humping my leg.

Not looking for sympathy or advice, just need to know I'm not alone on this. When has your cat pissed you off by not leaving you alone?

Edit: Just checked the basement. Please keep my grandfather in your thoughts and prayers.


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