The Devils Lettuce pt.1 (Lust)
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Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 10:06 PM, 04/29/20
        A few days ago I had ran out of green, I was in a tight spot. When trying to get ahold of my plug, I came across something unusual. I had heard from a co-worker about a guy who hangs out in the parking lots of an older mall. He was a dealer, and from what I was told he sold some of the best weed in the area. So instead of getting ahold of my usual guy, I decided to hit up the mall and look for this mysterious stranger. The mall in question was the "Cross Roads" mall, a dead little place now used to house a target and not much else.
       From what my co-worker had said I'd find the guy in the old parking garage, usually loafing about. As the area was across the street from a glass shop, I figured he must work there; going to the parking garage to sell weed to anyone who droped a hint at the shop across the way. As luck would have it I found him, sitting in the parking lot. He was dressed in a simple hoodie and jeans, but wore a cannabis  leaf pattern bucket hat. So i approached the man, and simply asked "Hey are you the guy?"
     "depends on what you mean? Im a guy." he replied trying to dodge the question in typical dealer fashion.
     "The florist I was told to meet at the vase shop across the street." I asked trying to drop the right hints. As dealing with a weed guy can be a troublesome effort when your not one of their usual customers. Luckily for me he asked me how much "Flower" i wanted and I knew I had the right guy.
     I bought a few grams off him, then went on my way. The weed was increadible, it was deffinatly the best weed I'd smoked in years, if not the best weed I've ever smoked. It gave a sensation of euphoria that I cannot even begin to describe. It was like having all the right parts of your brain trigger at the same time. Setting off levels of dopamine and serotonin that were matched only by the experiance of a thrill ride. When I had finished all that I'd boughten, I needed more. I had no other desires, than to feel that rush once more.