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Posted by Wolfman Lou on: 11:15 PM, 10/ 8/21
I shook and shambled as I fought with the lock. "That's all of them," I muttered to myself in the blinding darkness. I guess it worked. One spell from the tome, that wasn't a load. I did it. I summoned him.

The doorknob rattled behind me as I entered the void. The air black as pitch, only guided by my hand. The knocking started as I found my way to the stairs, each creak louder than the last.

I felt the ground in front of me, finally at the landing. I turned my head to the right, and froze. There he stood. Even through the murk, I saw his sickening visage. A somehow shimmering blade, illuminating his gaunt, almost skeletal face, with a disgusting grin.

"Check your windows."


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