The Howls
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Posted by Wolfman Lou on: 12:57 AM, 06/ 2/20

   The flashlight was dead. The pistol was empty. Moonlight was burning. I stood still, stifling my breath, listening for its horrific call. It wasn't far.

   Its' screech of impending nonexistence rang in my ambling brain. This was the wrong place to be. The dead, dark woods in pitch black. It keeps wailing, bringing my skin to a crawl with each wretched piercing of the still winds.

   I could be the one. The survivor. Everyone else is, gone. Irreparable. Decorations for the forest. So awfully disposed of. Pasted betwixt the tree branches. My stomach turned from the sight. "How?" was the only syllable in my head now. I kept my composure the best I could. The howls kept sounding closer.

   I took a deep breath. I was so lost within these woods, what was my end goal? Find some random cabin that didn't fire on me before I made it to the door to knock? No, I was going to camp for the night. I could keep clear from it for the night.

   I stepped into what I believed to be a clearing, and went to look for sticks. I found a bundle and brought them back to the site. I set them up for a fire, scattering what dead leaves I could find into the core.

   I felt the cold touch of death on my shoulder, and I turned. It caught up with me.