The Void Beyond the Stars
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Posted by 0uter0ne on: 05:43 PM, 07/23/19
I sat alone in the dark room, staring at it. Its beauty consumed my mind. I could not take my eyes off of it.

In front of me was the statue of an angel reaching out to me. I could only see it because of the moonlight shining from a hole in the roof, but that was not the only source of light.

In its hand was a crystal sphere, with an image of countless stars within it, beauty unlike anything I had ever seen.

I saw the stars collide, I saw them explode into blinding light and I saw how they were pulled into black holes. I believe it was showing me the universe.

But in the sphere was also darkness, the edge of light, a black void where nothing is known or seen. From this void came a being that light did not touch, its face was hidden to me. It moved through the stars consuming everything in its path.

It did not stop, nothing in the universe even hindered it, it consumed all matter.

Days went by, I could not leave the room, I needed to see what happens.

The entity stopped moving after 5 days. I did not know why. Was it sleeping? Was it dead?

My questions were answered the next night, it started turning. The anticipation of seeing what it would do was killing me. When what I assumed to be its face started becoming visible a sound started eminating from the crystal ball.

A deep, primordial droning echoed from the ball.
Getting louder and louder as the entity was turning.

When I could finally see its face I could not breath, its face was incomprehensible. I could not make out what I was looking out. What I could make out was a single eye, looking at me.

The room became darker and colder. It felt like the air had become dense as this being was staring into my soul. It stArted coming closer, the droning sound became louder as it started taking up all the space in the crystal ball.

A whispering started Becoming äudible, thÉ lanGuage was something I did not understand. The whIspering voice's language started chAnging as the being came closer and its sound became louder.

SOon the önly thing vÏśiBłE in the cRystAl ball was a giAnt eYe. tHe wHisPerInG cHanGeD InTO ä DëEp Voice, wItH tHe oVerToNEs Of dOZeNs of  oThEr VoiCEs.

It spoke in a language I understood
It spoke to me
only me
to no one else
God spoke to me
and God said these words

"I see you"