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« on: 12:04:35 AM 03/06/16 »
One time, I was searching the web... looking for something... anything... to play because I was bored as FUCK. I had just ordered a pizza... pepperoni and sausage just as I like... and I had nothing to do while I waited.

Then I found it... TheNoid.exe... It was on a website for old nintendo and sega ROMs but it... it just wasn't a normal file like the rest. All the OTHER games had screenshots... descriptions... something to tell the player what they were about to play. TheNoid.exe, however, had no description OR screen shots... just black images that had "NO IMAGE" written in white letters.

I loaded the game by clicking it and started to play it.


It wasn't right.

Not at all.

The game crashed immediately... with a HUGE burst of static and random colors... then it hissed and went away off the screen. "No problemo," I thought, "I can easily click this again." I am kind of the best at clicking.

The second time, the game ran good for no reason... It was like a normal game based on the famous Pizza Hut mascot, The Noid. I made him jump... run... attack... he was like a tiny pawn in the great scheme of the universe, and I was his most esteemed and beloved king. I made him run off into spikes... I made him run into bad guys and die... I made him stand still until the timer expired and he died.

I didn't NOTICE it at first, but the timer was six minutes and sixty-six seconds.

Then something... CHANGED... went wrong... The Noid was now claymation like in the commercials. He wasn't pixel art... or a sprite... like you would see in a normal old game. I KNEW INSTANTLY THIS GAME WAS HAUNTED.

I tried to... shut the game... off. I tried so hard, but it didn't work and nothing I did would STOP the game from going. The Noid looked out of the screen... at ME... and did a perfect crazy LAUGH like he always did in the commercials... the real commercials...!

It was then I realized he was never wearing a suit... that red suit... it was BLOOD.

I unplugged the computer... as fast and as expertly as I could... and the screen went black. Just as the audio died I heard The Noid LAUGH one more time before it was cut off like he DIED. PERMANENTLY.

I sat on the floor for thirty minutes... just wondering... what... the... fuck...

A sudden NOISE made me literally JUMP out of my skin. It was the familiar "BANG BANG BANG" of a FIST on my FRONT DOOR....

This was at night...

Then, I realized... it was just the delivery boy who had FINALLY found my house...

I went to the door to let him in... but when I opened the door... I literally JUMPED out of my skin. His face was claymation... I couldn't do anything but... pay him... as he stared at me like nothing was wrong. He even SMILED at me.

The clay delivery boy left and I SLAMMED the.... door. Out of SHEER TERROR.

When I opened the box... my pizza was RUINED.

To this day... I still hear the laugh and taste the destroyed pizza.
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« Reply #1 on: 09:26:41 AM 03/06/16 »
That was really cheesy...
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