Train Girl
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Posted by Lyca on: 06:36 PM, 11/11/18
This was originally posted on the critique board when the site first opened in... Holy Shit 2015 (can't believe it's been three years)
Anyway I decided to post it on the main board because I want to keep all my stories in the same place.

Train Girl

She liked watching trains. It was all she liked to do now. She liked to feel the wind on her face as they rushed by. She liked seeing all the people’s faces flash quickly past her.

She liked watching trains.

She had been pretty much on her own for as long as she could remember, and then, out of nowhere she saw him. He was a bit bigger than her and looked a little older, about seven or eight maybe. He was sat right there on the tracks playing with stones or something. She couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing. She thought he was stupid.

“Hi” she said. He didn’t respond, he was either ignoring her or he didn’t notice or hear her.

“HI” she repeated, a lot louder this time. The boy glanced up and stared right at her.

“What?” he said.

“You shouldn’t play on the tracks, it’s not safe.” She told him. He looked annoyed that such a tiny little girl was telling him this, but he did get up and move away from the tracks. He walked towards her and climbed a little up the embankment to where she was sat.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Casper” He replied.

“Like the ghost?” she let out a little giggle. “I’m Julie. Want to see a magic trick, Casper?”

Casper looked at her but didn’t say anything. Something about her scared him a little but he didn’t want to admit it. She was a tiny girl, she looked about five years old, the same age as his little sister, except Emily wasn’t weird like this girl. He wanted to run off right there and then but he didn’t. He reasoned that as his back garden was right next to the embankment he was only a few feet from the safety of his home and he could definitely outrun the kid if he had to. He didn’t want to see Julie do a magic trick either. Not one bit.

“Well do you?” Julie asked again, sounding slightly impatient.

“You can’t even do magic, liar” he responded.

“Oh yeah, well just watch this.” She stood up and skipped quickly down the embankment and stood there right on the tracks. She knew exactly when the train was due. She’d done this many times before. She could see the tiny dot in the distance rapidly getting closer and closer. Casper sat and stared. As the train got really close she yelled out to him with a huge excited smile,


She stretched her arms out as wide as she could and concentrated for a second. Casper watched in awe as her tiny feet rose off the ground. She floated up into the air and stopped around six feet above the tracks. Her eyes were level with where Casper was sitting, halfway up the little grassy hill. She knew exactly where her feet should be. The train was closer still. Just as it was about to hit her she turned to look at the driver. He didn’t even seem to see her.

Casper stared wide eyed as the train passed right through the floating little girl. Julie stayed still. Her little feet were completely level with the train’s floor. It was just like she was stood there with all the other people. She giggled as she felt the whoosh of them all whizzing quickly past her. She let her little hands pass right through them all and it tickled her but they didn’t seem to notice anything at all. And then the train was gone, but there would be another one in a few minutes.

She floated in the air for a few more seconds and then sank slowly back to the ground. She turned to Casper and scampered up the embankment and sat next to him.

“See?” she said. “Magic.”

“Wow.” was all Casper could manage.

“I could show you how to do it, It’s easy.” Julie offered.

“How do you do it then?” Casper asked, because he had to admit that although Julie seemed like a weird little girl she had just shown him the coolest trick ever.

“I’ll show you” she said. “Just take my hand.”

He took her hand as she led him down the little hill and onto the tracks.

“We just need to wait for the next train and I’ll show you how it works.”

He was stood with her, holding her hand on the tracks. He noticed the train in the distance, no.. not the distance, it was getting closer.

“Show me how to float up.” he said.

“You can’t float the first time,” Julie said. “but you can after that.”

Casper was aware of screaming brakes. The train looked enormous as it got close.