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« on: 07:05:04 AM 04/21/17 »
I once did some work for an aquarium over the summer, mostly cleaning bathrooms and feeding fishes, nothing big. I spent my days mindlessly cleaning with music or podcasts in my ears. It was dull, but at least I only had to care about myself and the marine life.
While the aquarium wasn't big enough to seriously murder my feet while walking around, it had some interesting creatures like electric eels, manta rays, sharks, they even ran a dolphin show every two hours. The handler was this cute brunette who adored the creatures and knew how to put on a good show. If she hadn't been my boss and about ten years older than me I would probably... tangent, anyway.
There was this one guy who saw about every single, fucking dolphin show. A hyperbole, but he saw the show, a lot. He looked like a generic businessman, dressed in a cheap suit and carrying a briefcase.
The show was great, but it was mostly the same thing so there was no reason to see it more than once or twice, unless you worked there and wanted to ogle your hot boss in a swimsuit.
Hey, maybe that's why he was there, I sure as hell couldn't judge.
One day - after a show - curiosity got the better of me and I went up to him to ask why he saw the show so often. He nodded towards the dolphin pool and said "I'm here to see my girlfriend."
That made sense, Dolphin MILF had never mentioned any significant other (though I was disappointed upon hearing that she was straight, don't judge me), but it was none of my business.
I started seeing him more often, standing in front of the dolphin tank (it was downstairs, the show floor was the floor above, I'm sure you have seen something like it) and he seemed to be talking to himself, or a dolphin. He spoke too quietly for me to hear him so I could never tell. It was weird, but they weren't paying me enough to care.
A couple weeks later, I was going through my usual morning routine of cleaning bathrooms and listening to Black Sabbath when I heard a scream coming from the dolphin tank. I ran up-stairs and saw Dolphin Milf staring in horror at something in the water.
It was the weird guy, the one who came to see every show. He was naked, bloated and very dead.
I called the police and sat down to comfort Dolphin MILF. She told me she had never seen the guy before, nor was she, as I soon found out, straight... yes, preach about taking advantage of someone emotionally vulnerable, I don't care.
As I was making out with my boss and being showered in her tears I saw one of the female dolphins puffing at the naked corpse - and I swear, the goddamn bitch was snickering.