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Growing up, I didn’t have the best childhood. My parents were both ill, and I was told numerous times that my father was abusive. I later found out that was not the case. My mother, a psychiatrist, was ironically a depressed person who self-harmed. I guess she had an easier time pinning the blame for the cuts and bruises on her skin on my openly insane father. Thinking about it, it’s pretty funny that a person who helps others overcome their mental ailments cannot admit her own to her own child.

My father was terribly ill when I was a kid, and until I was about ten, he had been medicated. However, at s...
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(Based on a true events)

Seven years ago, my cousin died of schizophrenia. We knew he wasn't doing well, and wasn't expected to get any better, but we didn't expect him to do anything as drastic as he did. He, Jeremy, was always in his own little world, glued to his computer for as long as he could manage. We always thought it was a good thing. Starting a conversation with him about whatever he was playing would calm him down in an instant and anchor him back to reality a bit.
But I just found a text file on his old laptop after all this time that seems to be his thoughts during his last days. I d...
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interior shot of a small dark dank basement. The walls and floor are a full grey concrete. Cracked nearly in every spot. There’s a stagnant puddle of water in the center of the floor, surrounding a clogged drain. The teens enter from the staircase that leads to the exterior cellar door
Shaun: See  guys it’s just an old house.
Cody: If it’s just an old house why where you so eager to come here?...
Shaun: Come on, didn’t you guys always want to come in here? See the house from all those stories in person.
Tiffany: I know I have.
The teens wonder about the dank cellar, hands...
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Opening shot of four teens standing in front of a decrepit old farm house. Leaning up against the back of small pickup truck. An ominous tree looming in the foreground.
Jeremy: I’m not going in there.
Shaun: Come on man it’s just an old house.
Jeremy: It’s the old Johnson’s house, you’ve heard the stories right?
Tiffany: Yeah old man Johnson hung himself right on that tree over there.
she gestures to the tree in the foreground.
Tiffany: And before that his father shot and killed his mother then himself.
Shaun: Yeah but it’s just a house...
Cody: A hou...
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    If you ever watched Nickelodeon in the early 2000’s, then you might remember a sketch comedy show called “The Amanda Show”.  It aired in 1999 and lasted until 2002, and had a reoccurring joke about dancing lobsters. Now the show was produced by a man named Dan Schneider, who I don’t need to tell you was a creep. You can simply look him up and venture down that rabbit hole yourself.
   These dancing lobsters would from sketch to sketch appear nearly at random and where seen at the time as just that; a random gag that popped in and out of episodes. However looking deeper into the show and it’s production I...
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Seeking your comments & critique!
Wicker branches cut into Andrea’s soft flesh as she ran through the dense forest foliage. Her flashlight bobbed up and down as she sprinted through the woods. Andrea ripped her revolver from the holster in one swift motion and fired three rounds at the creature chasing her. The only discernible features of the beast were its dozens of luminescent cyan eyes. Its clicking and clacking filled the woods. Andrea hurdled over a rotten, moss-covered log. She fired three more shots; two missed and last hit one of the creep’s eyes.

Blue, shiny blood cascaded down the abomination’s face. An ear-piercing shriek ...

Nick stood outside of Shannahan's, smoking a cigarette. The cruel winter air stung his eyes and froze his face.

   Ring Ring.

   "What's up, sweety?" Nick asked.

   "Hey, babe, I'm sorry to bother you, but there's brown water pouring out of the sink, and there's a large wet spot in the ceiling that's dripping water,"

   "I'll call the landlord tomorrow,"

   "Okay, see you when you get home."


A wave of heat washed over Nick, thawing his nose and cheeks. He pushed past the crowd of drunken patro...

When I was younger, I partied a lot. My college classes were not a priority; I didn’t even wanna be in school. I just went so my parents wouldn’t think I was a disappointment. My life was a flurry of alcohol, drugs, and the occasional one-night stand. One night I lost a part of myself I can never get back.

My friends Lewis, Gage, and I were driving around. Sitting in the back of Lewis’ mini van, I tried my best to ignore the horrible music blaring from the speakers. Gage passed me a joint from the front seat and cracked open a beer.

“Pass me one of those,” Lewis said.

“Not while...


      So, if you're like me and grew up in the Nineties and cable, I don't need to ask you if you remember the Rugrats. The third show on Nickelodeon alongside Doug and Ren and Stimpy, it was their cash cow until a certain yellow sponge would go on to usurp the title years later. We all know about the Rugrats, and it's less successful spin-off, All Grown Up, and it's even less successful spin off Preschool Daze, but little does anyone know there was a spin-off of sorts made much earlier, courtesy of Gabor Csupo.
 I'm, of course, talking about Rugrascals. The premise of RugRascals was basica...
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I’m sitting in my bathroom, staring at the tip of the knife I plan to stab myself with. Don’t get confused, this is not a suicide attempt. No, this is something much crazier.

I need to remove my left eye.

I don’t really know what happened to make me reach this point or why exactly I have come to this conclusion, all I know is that everything will be fixed once I get rid of my left eye. I’m pretty confident that I’ll survive and that it shouldn’t have too much of an impact on the things I enjoy, so it’s not that much of a loss anyways.

The knife is an assisted-opening pocket knife ...

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