Fun Challenge for bored people (borrowed opening)
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This if a challenge just for fun, fore bored people of all writing levels. I have a habit of grabbing books and just reading a sentence out of context and then flipping through to another page and acting like its the next part. This usually makes my friends laugh as the results can be ridiculous. So because of this I want to see what people can do with a random part of a story.
 Each person who wants to participate takes any book they currently have on hand, and use it was a jumping off point. Just flip through to any page and grab a random paragraph. Use this as the opening of your story (yes you can rework the paragraph but the purpose is to write around a random opening.). Please as either a note or something give credit to the author and story who's paragraph you borrowed.
Personally I'd recommend stories with a good amount of normal situations that will lead well into any story.  I also recommend you write your story either on the critique board and link it here or write as a response. Again this is for fun and just to give you a story opening you can't control.

My random paragraph:
 "He almost laughed, but when they lifted him, the pain overwhelmed him. He dropped back into darkness..."
borrowed from Blind by Kevin T. Stein published in The Dragons At War, a Dragon Lance saga collection of short stories.


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