A silly Halloween writing contest! Enter here! UPDATE 10/2
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Oooohhhhh! What a large Kuh-nife you have! Take some damned candy!

Tastyyyyyyy: Torture, Mutation/Transformation, Corpse(s), and Snakes
So-so treats: Radio, Drugs/Alcohol, and School.University
Bleehhhh: A Singing Troll, and Twerking!


Discord: Dan(Urkel) #2760

Posted by Rika84 on: 10:08 PM, 10/24/17
My entry is here! Let me know if anyone has trouble opening it.

Posted by Secoura on: 05:04 PM, 10/25/17
I'm out. Things have come up that have.to take priority but thanks for putting this contest up. It's a great idea and I look forward to seeing it become an annual event here.

Posted by Maxz92 on: 03:55 AM, 10/26/17
AAHH!! Finally! Here's the link.  It's done.  Maybe not good or edited as much as I wanted, but done.

What even is a forum signature anyway?

Here is my entry. I'll probably revise it and actually make it a decent horror story.


Posted by lavecki on: 08:40 PM, 10/26/17
Click here for my story.

It's Halloween! As promised I have the results from the contest. I want to just start out by sincerely thanking everyone who expressed interest, entered and submitted stories. This is the best turnout I've ever had running this contest and the quality of stories was higher than I've ever had too. I was surprised with how good all the stories were, I was honestly expecting a few stinkers, but there truly were none. Every story had its good point and its own merits, which made it very difficult to chose a winner.

I want to thank Abysmii also for offering to put up an additional prize, and for helping with the talk of judging. His input was invaluable and without it I'd probably still be trying to figure out who to crown a winner. But enough about that, you're here for results!

After much evaluation and rereading of stories, we felt that the one that stood just a tad above the rest was SciGuyHatz's Fair Day at St. Ursula's ( available to read here http://toospooky.com/your-creepypasta/fair-day-at-st-ursula's-(2017-trick-or-treat-challenge)/ ).

We felt that this story made good use of the "treats" given, was intriguing, spooky, well written, creative and felt very much in the spirit of the contest. Congratulations SciGuy!

We narrowed it down to one runner-up because the judging was so close for so many stories, and if we did a winner, runner up and honorable mentions we'd have almost every story submitted x3 The story we chose for runner up was Knadire's Assisted Living ( Available here http://toospooky.com/your-creepypasta/assisted-living-(candy-grab-bag-2017-contest-entry)/ ). Like I said, it was very close, and this story also used the treats creatively, was written well, and had a tragic and intriguing ending.

Abysmii will be shelling out the prize to the winner shortly, cha-ching! I'm going to be doing a narration of the winning story for my youtube channel. I will hopefully have that done fairly soon, and I'll post it on the forum. Also, as I said, I'll be happy to write short reviews on any stories that are posted here on the forums! Again, thanks to everyone who wrote a story! I had a lot of fun, and I really hope you did too. Happy Halloween, don't eat too much candy!

Discord: Dan(Urkel) #2760

Wow!  Thanks so much!  I had a lot of fun writing it and I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.  I'd be curious to hear feedback from any and all who read it.  Happy Halloween everyone! 

Posted by Letrune on: 06:17 PM, 10/31/17
Congratulations for the winner! :3


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