Photoes from The Great War
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Posted by Letrune on: 09:40 AM, 06/27/17
A bit more than a hundred years ago, the Great War ravaged first Europe, then the world. It was the first armed combat between industrial powers that did not ended after a few skirmishes, resulting in about twenty million presumed dead, little less than ten million men permanently crippled, and an unknown number of broken people who either died by their own hands or went on a killing spree afterwards. The four years of the war brought forward so much horror that an entire art form was made because of it: dada art, an art form that said "culture is dead, why try making art any more?". It later made a counter-movement called superrealism, which was inspired by photographs, but were available to anyone with a pencil, later breaking into the forms of surrealism and hyperrealism.

After the war, even the victor had major losses - if not a major loss of life, colonies or civil peace, then political swings towards the extremists, isolationists or interventionists, left or right. Some movements demanded dismantling what the war brought in - female representation, worker's rights, even the reestablishment of slavery in some nations. The losing nations each had casus belli manufactures, so strong that some are going around even today!

So, I would like to move you back a bit, to the horror what mankind made, and I wish to make you all remember: humanity got better. So... Strap on your helmets, keep the shovel close and try not to think on that just the U.K. lost an average weekly 50.000 people.

The end of the world:

What kind of weird things are these?

Plaster masks made after the Great War, to cover up the various mangled and broken faces of survivors.


After the storm.

Some interactive ones...

An additional horror - people today seem not to consciously recognize the word "second" in the name of the more famous sequel...


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