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Posted by lavecki on: 05:46 PM, 03/ 8/16
Hey guys,

I was just listening to Slimebeasts Group Discussion about the state of creepy pasta. There was a section about Creepy Pasta narration and how its overwhelmed and there are a lot of people doing it. I myself was thinking of doing this as I really want to get into narration and voice acting. Is there anything I can do to be different or am I worrying about this too much.

As an aside I don't care about making money. I just really want to get into narration.

Thanks to any help.

Posted by Icyflamedragon on: 06:48 PM, 03/ 8/16
I would listen, it is a mine field but you should be ok. Gl and if you do set up a channel make sure to PM me the link!

Long Past here.


Posted by Dead Palette on: 06:54 PM, 03/ 8/16
One: Don't put creepypasta in your name.
Two: Understand the source material and do it justice, whether that means taking it serious or not.
Three: Avoid generic background music and try to set a unique atmosphere. I opt to either make simple creepy music with a number of free music software programs and/or use distorted audio. It's easier than it sounds. I also use songs from anime and game soundtracks which isn't original, but does work in service to the story, which is the real goal.
Four: Learn your equipment, which I'll gladly spend time helping you out with.

This is your best bet, mine has served me well.

In addition, a good headset, a bad headset/ear buds, a cell phone, and normal PC speakers are helpful in hearing how your audio sounds at different qualities. You'll find your narration to non-narration audio ratio sounds different on different devices and finding a happy medium takes some time at first.

Then a pop filter is needed, which you shouldn't spend more than 12 bucks on.

Then of course, programs. Audacity is really nice and allows for a number of plugins. As I'm sure you know, it's free.

Bonus: Add low-fi visual aids. I can also help with that.

The fact you're worried about being legit means you shouldn't be, those out to build an ego would never question themselves. Also, when in doubt, are the decisions you're making something thelittlefears would do? She's a pretty good metric.

I will be waiting for you, I will tell you a better story than the Snow Ghost.

Posted by Skill Flea on: 05:20 PM, 03/ 9/16
I agree with pretty much everything Dead Palette said, I even use the same Yeti microphone. Can confirm that its a fantastic mic btw. By no means am I an expert or anything but I'll add my own thoughts:

Do not worry about being "legit". If you are happy/satisfied with what you are making, then you are legit. Set reasonable goals for yourself that involves your content rather than saying "My goal is to make 1000 subs by 2017" or anything along those lines. You can't make goals for something that you can't control, like a sub count. 
Aim to produce what you thoroughly enjoy making and people will naturally flock to you over time. If you don't like making a certain video than you can't expect other people to like it themselves.  Seriously, look at MCP. There is a lot of narration videos of his lately where he is clearly not into the story and is just cashing in his performance. It's very noticeable if you are not enjoying yourself.

Finally, you are your biggest critic. In reality, we judge ourselves more than anyone else could possibly care to judge. We notice the tiny flaws in ourselves that other people don't even think about. I came close to deleting a 50 minute video because of a voice crack I had during a certain part and no one really noticed it. Just go easier on yourself and you will be fine.

In short. Enjoy yourself. Have fun creating videos and people will enjoy watching them.

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