My Only Friend
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Posted by Phantom Necromancer on: 05:02 PM, 09/29/21
I called him The Hat Man. He was a strange tall man that would visit me every night when I was a kid. I remember him vividly. He was a tall man with pale white skin and long boney fingers. He always wore a long black coat and black hat.

I remember that his face other than a single eye was completely obscured by his long black hair. He would always appear when my parents were asleep. Then he would just appear. I don't remember how he'd get in my room. He just kinda did.

He would just stand there. Staring at me from the end of my bed. I'd fall asleep with no recollection of feeling tired in the slightest. My parents wouldn't believe me. No one did.

They thought The Hat Man was a bogeyman I made up. Even when he was standing right in front of them. They never saw him. I felt alone. But he kept me company. I started to feel strange wrath from the man. He never talked to me but for some reason his presence made me feel safe.

Like he was the only person I could rely on. I started isolating myself from everyone. Spending more and more time with The Hat Man. Just hours of us staring at each other. Never moving. His unblinking eye staring directly into mine.

But one day he actually spoke. But not like how you and I speak. No. He spoke to me in my head. I remember what he said. " Do you want to leave?", I was taken aback. "I can take you somewhere you won't ever be alone again". I was confused. I didn't know what to say. He got up and reached his hand down to. "Come," he said.

Just before I could make a decision my mother shouted for me to get away from him. The Hat Man jerked his head to look at her and let out a horrible noise. It's kinda hard to describe. The best I can say is that it sounded like a garbled-up mess between child and adult screams. 

I don't really remember what happened after that other than waking up back in my bed. Everything seemed to be normal. No more visits from The Hat Man. My parents acted like it never happened. That what happened that night was just a nightmare.

I started to believe it. But recently I've been seeing him again. Everywhere I go. He will be right there. Always watching. Always watching.

Maybe I should take his offer.



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