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Posted by Phantom Necromancer on: 03:12 PM, 09/22/21
I don't know exactly how to start this. I'm not exactly used to writing my thoughts down. But I wanted to write this just so I can put it out there and get it over with.

Halloween was approaching.

My friends and I were in 3rd grade at the time. We were excited about the holiday. We loved the scares and candy (mostly the candy). During lunchtime, we all sat together and talked about what we'd dress up as.

Jack wanted to be Ghostface and Tyler wanted to be Optimus Prime. I wanted to be Jason Voorhees. I don't remember how but the conversation changed to talking about "RattleBones". It was an urban legend in our town. Much like Bloody Mary, you'd say his name three times to "summon" him.

You'd know if it was successful if the next morning there was a pile of bones outside your front door. That night he'll creep into your bedroom and snatch you away. The last thing you'll ever hear is the rattling of his bones.

Jack and I didn't believe in it but Tyler did. He always believed in that kind of stuff. Ghosts, aliens, leprechauns, he thought they were all real. "RattleBones is real!" Tyler said. "No, he is not," Jack replied. There was a back and forth between them on whether or not the amalgamation of skull and bone was real. Tyler then said, "well if RattleBones isn't real then I dare you to summon him!". "Fine" Jack said, "but don't cry too hard when he ends up not being real".

When school ended that day Tyler reminded Jack that he had to summon RattleBones tonight. "Unless you're a chicken." We headed home for the weekend.

That Saturday was pretty uneventful for the most part. So when I headed up to Jack's house I didn't expect the pile of bones in front of the door. They caught me off guard at first but I chalked it up to decorations. Jack didn't answer.

The next day I went to the park. I saw Tyler and immediately asked him if he saw Jack. He just shook his head. I asked him if he put the bones in front of Jack's house. He turned pale "no, no I didn't" he insisted.

Jack didn't come to school on Monday.

Jack didn't come back at all.

Years passed and everyone just gave up trying to find him. They thought he was dead. But Tyler and I knew.

RattleBones was real



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