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Posted by Phantom Necromancer on: 05:09 PM, 04/ 3/19
Suggestion: Can someone please restock the cards for the Suggestion box, thank you

Suggestion: It’s going to be Lily’s Birthday in a couple of weeks I think we should do something special for it.

Suggestion: I think we need to replace the Coffee Machine it’s not working anymore

Suggestion: Ignore my last card it’s working again

Suggestion: Whoever is knocking down the trash can you please stop it’s not funny it’s just annoying

Suggestion: Can someone please replace the ink for the printer, thank you

Suggestion: Jason has been acting aggressive lately which is really out of character for him does anyone know what is going on? I think someone should go talk to him

Suggestion: My computer is acting up again can someone check it out

Suggestion: There’s something blocking the exit stairway

Suggestion: I’ll say it again whoever is knocking down the trash can stop it NOW

Suggestion: Jason has been getting increasingly aggressive for the past couple of days

Suggestion: The thing won’t move away from the stairway I can’t get out

Suggestion: The elevators aren’t working for some reason can someone please fix this, thank you

Suggestion: Help

Suggestion: The Coffee Machine is shooting out some green liquid can someone check this out

Suggestion: Can we install some security cameras at the back so we can catch who keeps knocking over the trash can

Suggestion: I killed the thing but two more took its place. The things are laughing as if this is some sort of sick game to them someone deal with this!

Suggestion: Jason's screaming and is throwing things around

Suggestion: My skin feels like there’s spiders crawling around inside it

Suggestion: The laughing they won’t stop laughing

Suggestion: Stop knocking over the fucking trash can

Suggestion: has anyone even read my suggestions?

Suggestion: everytime I kill one of those things two more take its place and their laughter that fucking laughter I hate it so much

Suggestion: what is happening

Suggestion: why is this happening

Suggestion: help me

Suggestion: get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out get out

Suggestion: what the hell is coming out of the Coffee Machine?

Suggestion: Something is watching me from the hallway as I write this

Suggestion: The invisible spiders are eating away at my skin

Suggestion I can’t get out

Suggestion: :)


Posted by G-man on: 12:57 PM, 09/25/19
Suggestion order a chainsaw so i can kill those things and break down the door


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