The truth behind the dancing lobsters of the Amanda show
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    If you ever watched Nickelodeon in the early 2000’s, then you might remember a sketch comedy show called “The Amanda Show”.  It aired in 1999 and lasted until 2002, and had a reoccurring joke about dancing lobsters. Now the show was produced by a man named Dan Schneider, who I don’t need to tell you was a creep. You can simply look him up and venture down that rabbit hole yourself.
   These dancing lobsters would from sketch to sketch appear nearly at random and where seen at the time as just that; a random gag that popped in and out of episodes. However looking deeper into the show and it’s production I noticed something nefarious about these jubilant crustaceans.
   They appeared often and frequent the more Dan Schneider was involved in an episodes production. If Dan was closely involved in the episode, the lobsters would appear. If Dan was away or let someone else have control over an episode they wouldn’t appear.
    Now I looked into the “actors” who would play these dancing lobsters and found nothing. Only a small article about how when in need of more actors Dan Schneider would get his friends to portray small roles. Now it became more interesting as the lobsters could have very well been friends of Schneider’s. Looking deeper into the show I began to fear that these where harbingers of ill omens.
   Perhaps Schneider was using these lobsters as part of his sick little games. That he was using his position as producer and show creator to force his agenda. It became apparent that some of the members of a sketch seemed unfazed or even unsettled by the appearance of the lobsters.


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