The Boars House
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Posted by Wolfman Lou on: 02:50 AM, 06/ 5/20
   I awaited patiently for my new world, stationary in the back seat until the day was made whole. The trees spoke my name. The forest learned me. My deepest love, leavng me to feel like so much human refuse.

   My first elective act was to crack open a beer. I rolled a cigarette on the porch, demanding a can of liquid happy. I sippped on suds and helped ready my friends for the coming days. Bonfires were lit, stories were told. It all was bleeding into tomorrow.

   Beer for breakfast is like mints after dinner with your friends. The next day broke to nothing but joy. We hopped between tossing the football, to croquet, to cards. In the mix of it all, someone mentioned the other property. The Boars' House.

   Everyone kept doting on about the Boars' House, how you haven't really been up north until you stepped foot in. I asked to go, and we did. It was but a few steps away from our idyllic slice of life.

   Dark, dead, and obvious where it took it's name from. Laying on the houses kitchen table, a mounted boars head stared at the ceiling in what felt like waiting. A simple dwelling, harboring three mountable heads from three horrific boars.

   The night bore the intoxication of everyone around me. I sipped deeply of Tennesee's sweet elixer as my friends indulged in fungal fun. The night was great, everyone was fine. We all went on a walk to the beach, peaceful until I saw in the clouds. A pig's head.

   We walked home quickly, a group of kids in the pitch black back roads, moving over for occasional headlights. What a night. As we returned, the power to the barn went out. We all were a bit shaken, but we could hang out outside. Then, the lightpole died. Our only real source of light in the dead of the woods. Our fire still roared, it wasn't the same.

   The trailer went dead, and everyone panicked. No light, no power, sudden death. I stumbled into the blackened barn, a few people passed out in the random seats. I took a deep swig of Jack as I heard a loud, pained scream from outside.

   My first problem was, I couldn't see a goddamn thing. I called out to my friends, their girlfriends. Not a note was uttered. I froze a bit, but I thought maybe they're inside the trailer. Sneaking upon the back door, I saw an empty house. Did they take off into the woods?

   I walked into the clearing behind the property, and called out to everyone I could. I doubt they would pull a prank like this on me. All the cars were still sitting there. What is this?

   I bellowed out, "Joe, please?!," praying for a response. "Lou?," I heard in his voice, coming towards me. I nearly cried. He made it out with me, thank god. I called out again, "Joe, can you hear me?!" "I'm coming."

   We can get everyone together and find out what happened. What a weird night. I stood shivering in the shadow, waiting for Joe, when I heard footsteps approaching me. "Thank Go-."
Before me stood a man, bearing the boars head upon his crown, blade ready in hand.

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