Act 1, Scene 1
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Posted by PostMortemCreamPi on: 11:51 PM, 07/26/20
Opening shot of four teens standing in front of a decrepit old farm house. Leaning up against the back of small pickup truck. An ominous tree looming in the foreground.
Jeremy: I’m not going in there.
Shaun: Come on man it’s just an old house.
Jeremy: It’s the old Johnson’s house, you’ve heard the stories right?
Tiffany: Yeah old man Johnson hung himself right on that tree over there.
she gestures to the tree in the foreground.
Tiffany: And before that his father shot and killed his mother then himself.
Shaun: Yeah but it’s just a house...
Cody: A house that’s been abandoned longer then any of us have been alive. What if the floor boards give out, or worse the stairs. God forbid us falling through the stairs onto the stone basement floor and break a fucking leg.
Shaun: Guys come on it will be fine.
The teens move closer to the house. Zooming onto them as they look for a way into the building.
Shaun: Hey guy over here... he gestures them toward a shattered window. We can get in through here.
Cody: Great now we gotta worry about cutting ourselves up just to get in.
Shaun: Stop being such a pussy Cody.
Jeremy: He’s got a point there Shaun... Isn’t there a safer way to get in?
Tiffany: I heard there’s a cellar door that’s been busted open around back, maybe we can enter through there?
The teens move around to the back of the farm house. Finding a busted cellar door lying open, it’s gaping maw open to the elements. The teens enter.


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